Monday, January 14, 2013


blogland has sent me tripping.........

i have been sucked into the super fun latest blogland/twitter/instagram/flickr craze.

scrappy trip around the world quilt

i first caught wind of this on twitter which lead me to various blogs and finally to the flickr page for it. once i saw all of those pictures there was no turning back for me. i wanted to make this quilt and i already had the perfect fabric for it.  

somewhere in my past i had won a set of fat eights of Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope and i had also won some fat quarters of Denyse's Flea Market Fancy.

two lines of fabric that go very well together.  i know its a scrappy quilt but i can't let go of that much control.  for those of you that know me you understand.

it has been a very therapeutic process for me.  sewing the strip sets together.  cutting them up.  unsewing them.  sewing them back together.

i have 28 blocks done and the last 8 are almost finished.  i will decide on the final layout once all of the blocks are made.

thanks to blogland for providing me with a much needed fun project.

happy sewing.

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Auntie Pami said...

You've been busy, can't wait tosee it all done! Where I wash are you? I'm in silverdale