Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Quilt

i gave a lot of thought to which quilt i wanted to share on the Blogger's Quilt Festival this fall. i had a couple to pick from but one just kept coming back to my mind. it still is my favorite quilt that i have made to date.

i know you have seen it before but you get to see it again.
'The Oz Quilt'

i made this quilt by following a quilt along from Julie over at Jaybird Quilts.

Julie taught us how to make hexagon blocks without using 'Y' seams.

i used Neptune from Tula Pink for this quilt.  that was really when i first fell in love with her fabric.  its a layer cake with Kona Navy for the setting fabric.  i also used a honey bun for the postage stamp boarder.

i pieced the leftover honey bun strips into the back of the quilt.

i had one hexagon block left which i turned into a label and put it on the back of the quilt. 

the quilt measures 70"x90" and i quilted it myself.
i learned a lot from quilting this quilt. it took me some time to get around to doing it. i think because of its size. but, i just focused on it a section at a time and worked my way through it and it eventually got done.

so why the name?  The Oz Quilt?
i have never actually been to Australia a.k.a. Oz, but i have spent a lot of time there in my mind while reading a story someone wrote.  i fell in love with Australia through that story and in particular Port Douglas and Ten Mile Beach. 
i looked at the quilt when it was all done and that name came to me and i thought it was perfect for this quilt.  the colors remind me of the water.  the fabric is called Neptune.  but most of all i can see this quilt in my mind on Ten Mile Beach in Australia.
defiantly an item on my bucket list.
happy sewing.
quilt measures - 70"x90"
quilted - by Me
best category - Favorite Group or Bee Quilt
technique learned - hexagon blocks without Y seams


CitricSugar said...

I love that you chose a black background for this - it sets off your colours so beautifully. Lovely!

Carla said...

I love hexagons in all ways and sizes! This is fabulous!

Eileen said...

Fantastic! I think i need to try some of those beautiful blocks. Great colors and love that fabric! Thanks for sharing and have a great day

Sue Bone said...

Absolutely stuning.

Alison said...

This is such a cool quilt! So much more variety in the blocks and interest because its more than just hexagons. :)

Pile O Fabric said...

This is a very fun quilt!

Lyanna L. said...

gorgeous - i love this quilt!

martilindsey said...

Reminds me of fractles...and I'm obsessed with fractles!

lindaroo said...

Neptune and hexagons!! LOVE it!!

Kris from Duke Says Sew What said...

Lots of work! Love the dark background. Beautiful!