Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some Bee Blocks

i have been sewing some Bee blocks.
this is a fun one that i did for Charlene
a great way to feature a design in the fabric that you like.

this block was fun to make as well.  it took me a bit to get it right in my head.  making sure that i didn't mix up any of the fabric placement.  i hope that Robyn likes them.

i made these two blocks for Sara.  i think i read the instructions about 5 times.  but i got them done.  the blocks are a mirror image of each other.

i like making bee blocks.  its fun sewing with fabric that are different from my style and its also challenging at times which expands my skill level.

these two blocks are for a project that i am helping with.  all applique.  yes the icky word that i am not a huge fan of in the world of quilting.  i can do it but its not my first choice.
so tell me.  are you a fan of applique? 
happy sewing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love the block you made for Charlene! Great showcased fabrics and colors. Just wondering the finished size -- 10"? 12"" Florence