Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend with Tula Pink part 3

here is the last post from my weekend with Tula Pink.
Saturday evening Tula did a lecture/talk about her design process that took us from idea to fabric.  as always i came away learning new things about Tula as well as the fabric industry.  it was great.
of course she brought some eye candy for us to see.

her Cartwheels pattern in The Birds and The Bees.

i took some up close pics of the quilting.

because i do have a Cartwheel quilt of my own to quilt.

Angela did an amazing job on this.

lots of inspiration to get me started on mine.

back of the quilt.
love it.

Snow Globes in Night Shade

love this line of fabric

again, a killer back

Alphabet quilt

with the Hairspray Can back

Space Dust from The Birds and The Bees

again, amazing quilting

again with the killer back

the quilting really shows on the back as well.
Tula was so kind that she passed around a book with some of her sketches in it.  we got a little tiny sneak peak at Salt Water which is coming out this FALL!!!!!  so i hope to see it soon.
a great weekend that was about 3 months ago but hey.  i got it all blogged.  it just took some time.
time.  something that we don't ever seem to have enough of lately.
happy sewing

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