Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

whew, what a week it has been. thanks for all of the kind words regarding this post. its nice to know that i have support from all of you. some progress has been made in the sewing department of my life. i was able to finish up my bee block that i needed to get done for April.

this block was a 1st for me. very modern & not a traditional size at all. it was fun to make.

i did get to spend sometime working on my Opening Day quilt.
flying geese all done & blocks matched up.

3 down and 33 more to go.

this past week i also got 1 set of fabric for one of my Hands 2 Help quilts. i love the color range of these batiks & i am looking forward to making a quilt out of them. sad to admit that i have never made a quilt only using batiks - so this is a 1st for me. i also have sent out my fabric to my 2 partners. Barb who is local already has it & Larissa who is in Australia will be getting her's soon.

i have gotten a little further on my hand stitching project as well. i am on the last line & then i have some boarder work to do & this block is finished.


now for (what i think is) some fabulous news.

i got my confirmation packet for my class with Tula Pink at The Quilter's Affair which is held the week before The Sister's Outdoor Quilt show. the class i am taking is going to be on her Cartwheels pattern. my friend Shelly is taking it with me & we both are looking forward to it. this will be my 6th trip to Sister's & probably will be the best one yet.

"to change the world start with one step"


Brenda said...

Ann I have a hoop the would be much easier on your hands. Its a hoop on a stand I used for crossstiching. We gotta me for coffee sometime.

Sarah Craig said...

Mmmm, I love those batiks! And I need to do my bee block too - it's kind of intimidating me, I think! But ministry quilts are calling my name right now.....