Friday, April 15, 2011

Showing My Cards

i am showing my cards in this post.

my blog sub-title says ' from fabric to finish and everything in between'. this is the in between part with a little fabric thrown in. although sewing, fabric & quilting is usually fun & happy stuff truth be told we all have a life. a life in the real world that gets yucky sometimes. i am just like the rest of you. i don't live in a land of rainbows & cotton candy i live in reality & i don't want my readers to think otherwise.

this past week has been one of the roughest weeks i have had in a long time. work has been crazy. we have been short handed. customer's want stuff 2 days ago & somehow their poor planning is our fault. battling suppliers over stuff that shouldn't be an issue. it seems like it has been a constant struggle all week. in dealing with this stuff my normal work is not getting done which adds to the problem. not to mention that my health has taken a downward turn during this process as well.

my health + stress = bad things

on top of that you throw in some disappointment whether it be in myself or others & you have the makings of a rough week.

its times like these that i have those conversations with myself in my head. you know the ones. "come on you can make it through this" "you are stronger then you think" "its just a bad day tomorrow will be better" "you are never dealt more then you can handle" yep. i have had them all. did they help? who knows. all that i know is that its FRIDAY & this week is about over which i am very grateful for.

when things are not going the right direction for me i do my best to find the silver lining that is always there. yesterday i got an email that brought tears to my eyes & a smile to my face. my SIL sent a pic of my nieces which was priceless. totally made me realize that even though there is crap going on i still have a wonderful family that is full of love. i will share the pic at some point in the future for now i just want to treasure it.

another great silver lining from this week was this.

my friend Sharon gave me this fabric. yes i said gave. her husband dropped it off at my work & it was during a time that i was elbow deep in something & didn't get to thank him. Sharon was going through some fabric, came across this & realized she didn't have a need for it anymore. i told her i would be interested because i know someone who likes that sort of thing & i could make them a quilt. so, thank you to Sharon for being a silver lining in my week.

when things get crazy for me & i get off of center i turn to things i know to bring me back. my two of my favorite things are music & sewing. so, yes itunes is playing as i am typing this & DMB is assisting in the re-centering process.

this is some of the sewing that has taken place this past week. block #11 from the Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery BOM. i also put together a bee block as well. i don't want to show that until she has gotten it.

another thing i have been working on is organizing my scraps. yes you read that right. crazy as it sounds my scraps have been driving me nuts. they have been residing in this large tote for sometime now. when i go looking for something you can imagine the mess it makes. that is what brought about this organization project. i have began by sorting them into piles of color range. if i come across something that is 5" or wider & the full WOF then that goes into a separate pile. fat quarters into a separate pile as well. this is my progress so far. i am surprised at my stack of reds. i am planning on getting through it this weekend. i have a couple ideas on storage so check back to see how that goes.

last but not least this morning i received another silver lining. i told you about the challenge that my friend Sarah over at Confessions of A Fabric Addict issued to all of us quilters. Sarah posted this morning that she had 48 people sign up. that means 48 quilts will be made & taken to Romania. me being me signed up to do 2. my 1st partner is local. my friend Barb is joining in the fun & we will be exchanging our fabric on Monday. huge Thank You to Barb for taking on the challenge. my 2nd partner is Larissa from Australia. yep, Sarah went international with this challenge. the response to this challenge puts a HUGE smile on my face.

i hope that you all had a survivable week & that an amazing weekend is ahead for each one of you.

remember "make the best of what's around"


diane said...

Hey Ann...I don't know what your health issues are but I pray for you and hope they get better.
I too have some health issues and stress really brings on the symptoms. I have found a great book that is helping me deal with the stress in my life and the anger in my past life.
Pain Free for Life by Scott Brady. It's available for Kindle on Amazon.
Feel better.
I'm doing the Hands2Help Charity Quilt too.

Sarah Craig said...

I'm sorry you had such an awful week, but you should know that you were absolutely a rock for me this week while I was trying to deal with organizing my first swap! Anytime I felt overwhelmed, it seemed that there was an e-mail from you in my box with a little encouragement... and it meant the world to me! So I hope things get better for you soon!!!

Bailey said...

Here's hoping next week is better and that you get some well-deserved R and R this whatever form that may be for you!

BunkHouseQuilts said...

Hi, I am part of Sarah's H2H also. You are to be commended on organizing your stash on a rather low week. It's a job I don't relish even on a good day. Cheers for that~! Looking forward to seeing all the quilts from the exchange. We are "neighbors." I live in southern Idaho.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

I hope next week is better:) I love that Christmas basket block!
I'm also in the H2H challenge!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Next week will be better, I'm sure. When life gives you scraps, make quilts! BTW, I just love those reds!

Auntie Pami said...

I'm so excited about the H2H! I've been pulling my FQ/scraps (I have 2 copy paper boxes full) and pressing and using my Accuquilter/Accucutter. Don't feel bad about work, it's better than unemployment. Just take a deep breath and dig in. Or, go for a walk, hopefully it's sunny and above 40F there.