Monday, April 18, 2011


for some crazy reason (probably because they were driving me nuts) i decided to sort & organize my scraps. by scraps i mean anything smaller then a fat quarter. i did have some sort of order to a small part of them. that order was here in these boxes.

they are boxes that some dishes came it. super cool right?

the rest of my ever growing pile resided in here. there were a few piles in some other boxes as well. so i began the sorting process. not an exciting thing to do but once i had piles everywhere it was something i had to finish before i could move onto another project. sort of forced myself to finish it. mostly i sorted by color but i did come across pieces that were left over from finished projects. like an extra block , balance of strip sets and that sort of thing. those got to reside back in one of the green boxes. i also came across some left over precuts from projects. those got to go into a green box as well. the occupants of the other 2 green boxes are my salvages & my red scraps. in my scraps i had some Hope Valley & Authentic. those are the only 2 collections that got their own separate bag & were not sorted by color. all the rest got put into piles. purples oranges & yellows blues neutral backgrounds with prints on it

the largest pile of all greens. no surprise there.

i knew i wanted to re-use the large green tote that housed the mess to begin with but i needed it to be organized so i easily could find a color. i put the scraps by color into 2 gallon zip top bags. some colors took more then 1 bag. the smaller piles went into smaller bags. i wrote the color on each bag so i could easily find it without pulling out all of the bags.

next i went to my fabric closet to put it all away.

the top shelf holds the 4 green boxes as well as 2 boxes that have my flannel & pink scraps. i was surprised by the amount of pink scraps i have. must be from all the little girl stuff i make.

the rest of my closet looks like this. on the right side of the picture you can just barley see the large green tote that is full of scraps. the rest of my fabric is sorted by fat quarters, WOF under 18" then WOF over 18". fabric that i have purposes for is bagged together & stored in a plastic bin. i also have a dresser that i store my backing fabric, my solids & fabric that i am going to make bags out of in.

i think fabric is very pretty to look at & i would love to have it on shelves lining my sewing room walls. however, light is fabrics worst enemy & i don't sew fast enough to use it up to have it displayed all of the time. so it gets tucked away from the light. when i go looking for something its like Christmas because i do forget what i have. it is also motivating for me as well.

now that i am finished with that project i can get back to my machine.

"what i want is what i've not got.... what i need is all around me."


diane said...

I just did that same project a few months ago. My stash is not as well endowed as yours so it was easier, but never the less a big project.

Sarah Craig said...

Wow!! What an accomplishment!! Would you like to come spend some time with me in Nashville????? Surely DMB is coming here sometime.....

Shannon said...

VEry nice. It must feel nice to have things in an order that works for you! I know I felt better after I put my scraps in order. Great job!

Talin's Corner said...

Doesn't it feel good when you finally find a place and organize everything? Even if it only lasts for a short time.

Laura said...

I just did the same thing last week! It is quite the job, but man it feels soooo good to do :)