Thursday, July 8, 2010

Yet, another bag.....

ok, so i got home last night & i wasn't in the best of moods. not good considering i am suppose to finish packing & getting ready for my trip to Sister's. needless to say i needed to change my mood so i went down to my sewing cave & got to work. i decided that my big Sister's bag needed a little Sister's bag to go along with it. i took out my scraps of Brady Bunch fabric & got to work.

what do you think? i am pretty pleased. i just punted & this is what i came up with. its sort of a smaller version of Lazy Girl's Miranda Bag which i LOVE.
it fits nicely into my big Sister's bag & it will be great for the future.
just goes to show that if you focus your energy into something good you might end up with something great. not that i am saying the little Sister's bag is great but its pretty stinking cute & you get might point.

i will be leaving shortly for the journey & i am going to try & post part of our trip so make sure & check back here.

enjoy your day!

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Sarah Craig said...

That IS pretty stinkin' cute! Love it! Have fun at Sister's!!