Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fat Quarter Shop BOM Done!

i finally finished putting together the top from last years Fat Quarter Shop's Mystery BOM. it took me all week but its finished........

and since i did the year priors BOM from the Fat Quarter Shop i thought i would share that one as well.

this is the prior year. un-ironed but my AC is out so - sorry - at least you get a pic of it - wrinkles & all.

and here is this past years BOM top all put together. needless to say i LOVE it!

i love how the colors work together in this one & especially the light blue boarder next to the dark brown.

now for the dilemma for both quilts. do i quilt them myself or send them out to be quilted? and, if i send them out to be quilted - do i have all over quilting done on them or do i have them custom quilted? or maybe i quilt 1 myself (i can always use the practice) & send 1 out to be quilted? i need some help here quilting buddies..... please?????

if i knew what i wanted to do i would have already done it with the prior years quilt. see my predicament???

so, its off to work for me know where there is AC and it will be much cooler then it is in my house. i will be back this evening to get caught up on some quilt along blocks/projects & maybe cut some bags cut out & ready to sew.

let me know your thoughts on the quilting of my Fat Quarter Shop BOM quilts & may you all stay cool today..........

oh, i almost forgot. today starts the countdown. countdown to what you ask???

Dave Matthews Band concerts - what else would i have a count down for???

T minus 30 day until my Dave Matthews Band fest begins - 6 shows in 20 days - i will be like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland marking off the days till the 1st show in Boise.

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Sarah Craig said...

Are you going to be happy with it if you quilt it yourself? Do you have time to do it? That's what I would base my answer on. Those are lovely tops and I'm sure whatever you decide, they'll look great when you finish them!!