Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sister's Part 2 (the purchases) & Some Gifts

this past week was my birthday & i got a few quilt related gifts for that. the French General kit & the new Buggy Barn book i thought were gifts to myself but i later found out that someone else took care of that bill for me - that was a very nice surprise - many thanks!!!!!

the fat quarters on the left were from my BFF & the green shirt on the right was from a couple of my Renegade buddies. we all go to a quilt camp that one night at dinner everyone is to wear red - well i don't follow the rules very well so they all got red shirts & got me a green one - i LOVE it!!!!

the little purse picture frame & green fat quarter is from a Renegade as well. very fitting i thought since i am a purse fanatic as well as a green freak.

the following pics are of my Sister's trip purchases - you don't realize how much you bought until you unpack it all & start taking pics of it - wow! needless to say i have a bit of sewing to get done.

i only bought 3 patterns but i LOVE each of them. the quilt pattern can be made using fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes or charm packs.

several green fat quarters & fat eighths for my asterisk quilt.

yardage of some good basic browns - we all know i don't like setting blocks in light fabric.

some more owl or as my niece calls it "who who" fabric - perhaps a bag - & yes Sharon i did buy this on the trip it was just folded in with some other fabric.

no plans for this fabric - i just LOVED it & had to have it.

same as above - but these colors are so not my norm but i was drawn to them & they were on sale so i got some yardage - maybe a stack & whack.

i fell in LOVE with this line last year & didn't buy it. it was on sale this year so i got some. again, no plans.

maybe some cropped pj pants out of this & a skirt for my niece.

i know, again with the "who who" fabric - no idea but i am starting to build a collection of owl fabric.

refer to comment above

pj pants for myself out of the green snowflake fabric & a pair for my SIL out of the other.

so there you have it. my Sister's trip purchases & potential projects for the upcoming year. i personally have another rule about Sister's & it is just for myself. i (ideally) like to finish/use everything i have purchased from the prior year before i make the trek next year. we will see how i do.......

i took my Bernnina in to have it serviced yesterday & left it there & when i say there i am referring to Spokane which is 2 hours away from me. i didn't know how to behave without a sewing machine in my house so i went to my parents & got my old Viking to use until i get my baby back. crazy i know but what can i say.

i head to Houston on Sunday for work then after that trip i am home for most of August - so the month of August will be devoted to sewing. i can't believe that August is going to be here so soon - crazy scary.

i hope everyone has a great next week or so & i will be back at the machine before i know it - darn job anyways!!!!!


Sarah Craig said...

I wish I could find some of that owl fabric - I've got a niece who loves owls, and I can't find any of it anywhere!! Can you share the designer/line of those fabrics you found? Maybe I can find them online...

Nancy said...


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