Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hex On The Beach

i have never done english paper piecing before but the moment i saw this quilt i knew it was a must for me. the name alone was enough to buy it let alone the fabric and design of it.  the kit came in a neat box with just about everything needed to make it.

the fabric is all pre-cut and organized in little bags by print.  a fabric chart was included to match the print up with the number. which is very helpful if you have bad eyes like me and are not able to tell from the picture which fabric the pattern is talking about.

the quilt goes together in rows and each row is clearly laid out in the instructions.

when i first started i put the fabrics in order for the row and then made the hexi's and then sewed the hexi's together to make the row.  then i watched a few You Tube videos on english paper piecing and changed my process.  i sew all of the hexi's of one color at one time then i put the hexi's in order and sew the row together.

i keep the hexi's by pattern in their little bags and i have written the pattern number on the bag.  again to help with the bad eye sight thing.

i have been working in sets of 3.  so once i have 3 rows made i stop and sew those rows together.

i have rows 1 thru 3 sewed together as well as rows 4 thru 6.  rows 7, 8 and 9 are next.

40 rows.  25 hexi's per row.  1,000 hexi's total.

when i explain to people what i am doing they think i have lost my mind.  i simply tell them that i am getting my money's worth from this project.  some quilts you spend money on and have them done in a week this one i am hoping to have done by the time my oldest niece graduates high school.  she is 5 now.

this quilt will all be sewed by hand.  its a great project to take on trips.  in fact it has already traveled thousands of miles.

its not about the destination its about the journey.

happy sewing


Shannon said...

I have en eyeing that quilt. You are doing a wonderful job so far!!

Teresa Silva said...

Wow, I admire your patience to put this quilt together. Going to be gorgeous!

Bizarre Quilter said...

wow. fun. a good one to pick up every now and then