Monday, June 24, 2013

City Sampler QA & Block Names

here are blocks 10, 11 and 12 of my Tula Pink Modern City Sampler quilt. 
i am doing the quilt through the quilt along that is being hosted over at Sew Sweetness.  hop on over there and check out the blocks if not for inspiration at least for a little quilting eye candy.

block #10

this green fabric was my original plan.  however, plans change.  it accented the greenish color in the print really well it just didn't read enough blue for me and since i am trying to make the quilt like the original.........

i ended up switching it out to this.  i am very happy with my choice.


block #11


block #12


i have finally gotten to the names of the blocks.  i knew what i wanted to name them i just had to take the time to dig out the inspiration for the names.  several years ago i bought myself a necklace that had 100 tiny silver beads on it.  it's a '100 Good Wishes' necklace.  i am not big on jewelry but this was a simple piece that i really liked.  so when i learned about Tula's concept for the book and how we got to name our own blocks and tell our own story the idea of 100 Good Wishes came to mind.  

this past year has been a challenge for me and i could really use some positive/good things in my life.  so i have decided to take the concept of the necklace and apply it to this quilt.  it will be my '100 Good Wishes' quilt.  a therapy of sorts as each block is made and named and as each day passes and my new life develops this quilt will be a reminder to me of the progress i have made and what good things are awaiting me in my future.  once its completed i will be able to wrap up in it and be surrounded with 100 Good Wishes and remember the journey that has brought me to where i am.

starting in the top left corner going from left to right.

block #1 balance
block #2 compassion
block #3 trust
block #4 luck
block #5 peace
block #6 kindness
block #7 love
block #8 strength
block #9 wish
block #10 clarity
block #11 real
block #12 miracle

i am looking forward to continuing this journey with the building of this quilt and my new life.

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

I love your idea of naming each block for a good wish - an awesome idea and a great goal! Pretty blocks, too!