Monday, October 29, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival Quilt

i gave a lot of thought to which quilt i wanted to share on the Blogger's Quilt Festival this fall. i had a couple to pick from but one just kept coming back to my mind. it still is my favorite quilt that i have made to date.

i know you have seen it before but you get to see it again.
'The Oz Quilt'

i made this quilt by following a quilt along from Julie over at Jaybird Quilts.

Julie taught us how to make hexagon blocks without using 'Y' seams.

i used Neptune from Tula Pink for this quilt.  that was really when i first fell in love with her fabric.  its a layer cake with Kona Navy for the setting fabric.  i also used a honey bun for the postage stamp boarder.

i pieced the leftover honey bun strips into the back of the quilt.

i had one hexagon block left which i turned into a label and put it on the back of the quilt. 

the quilt measures 70"x90" and i quilted it myself.
i learned a lot from quilting this quilt. it took me some time to get around to doing it. i think because of its size. but, i just focused on it a section at a time and worked my way through it and it eventually got done.

so why the name?  The Oz Quilt?
i have never actually been to Australia a.k.a. Oz, but i have spent a lot of time there in my mind while reading a story someone wrote.  i fell in love with Australia through that story and in particular Port Douglas and Ten Mile Beach. 
i looked at the quilt when it was all done and that name came to me and i thought it was perfect for this quilt.  the colors remind me of the water.  the fabric is called Neptune.  but most of all i can see this quilt in my mind on Ten Mile Beach in Australia.
defiantly an item on my bucket list.
happy sewing.
quilt measures - 70"x90"
quilted - by Me
best category - Favorite Group or Bee Quilt
technique learned - hexagon blocks without Y seams

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some Bee Blocks

i have been sewing some Bee blocks.
this is a fun one that i did for Charlene
a great way to feature a design in the fabric that you like.

this block was fun to make as well.  it took me a bit to get it right in my head.  making sure that i didn't mix up any of the fabric placement.  i hope that Robyn likes them.

i made these two blocks for Sara.  i think i read the instructions about 5 times.  but i got them done.  the blocks are a mirror image of each other.

i like making bee blocks.  its fun sewing with fabric that are different from my style and its also challenging at times which expands my skill level.

these two blocks are for a project that i am helping with.  all applique.  yes the icky word that i am not a huge fan of in the world of quilting.  i can do it but its not my first choice.
so tell me.  are you a fan of applique? 
happy sewing

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend with Tula Pink part 3

here is the last post from my weekend with Tula Pink.
Saturday evening Tula did a lecture/talk about her design process that took us from idea to fabric.  as always i came away learning new things about Tula as well as the fabric industry.  it was great.
of course she brought some eye candy for us to see.

her Cartwheels pattern in The Birds and The Bees.

i took some up close pics of the quilting.

because i do have a Cartwheel quilt of my own to quilt.

Angela did an amazing job on this.

lots of inspiration to get me started on mine.

back of the quilt.
love it.

Snow Globes in Night Shade

love this line of fabric

again, a killer back

Alphabet quilt

with the Hairspray Can back

Space Dust from The Birds and The Bees

again, amazing quilting

again with the killer back

the quilting really shows on the back as well.
Tula was so kind that she passed around a book with some of her sketches in it.  we got a little tiny sneak peak at Salt Water which is coming out this FALL!!!!!  so i hope to see it soon.
a great weekend that was about 3 months ago but hey.  i got it all blogged.  it just took some time.
time.  something that we don't ever seem to have enough of lately.
happy sewing

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekend with Tula Pink part 2

its been a month since my last post.
i am not doing a good job at getting back to blogging.  i need to give myself a time out.  lol.  a time out with my sewing machine.
maybe that is not the best answer.  i think i have been in a time out since July.  i need to get off my butt and get back in the game.

so back in July when i took the class from Miss Pink i did some shopping at Stash the quilt shop that hosted the class in Walla Walla.

here are the goodies that i got.

a jelly roll of Salt Air along with some yardage.  i plan on making the Strip Search pattern with this.  

i also picked up some Night Shade while i was there.  just some fat quarters.  i have been cutting and sewing these.  sort of a design as you go quilt.

i got the tree pattern in laminate from The Birds and The Bees line of Tula's.  i am going to make a bag with it and the funky stripe for the lining of the bag.

i picked up some yardage of voile while i was there of these two print.  they will become pillow cases to go with my quilt.

i added two boarders to my Stacks quilt because i wanted it large enough for my bed.

i am going to use the funky stripe above as the binding.  i need to get it ready to be sent off to the quilter.  no way am i quilting this one.

i will try to get my next post done sooner rather then later.  it will be part 3 of this weekend with Tula.  she did a lecture on Saturday evening.  it was amazing.  but what else would you expect from her.

any words of encouragement that you have to share to keep me going would be greatly appreciated.  i would like to think that there are other people out in the world who have been stuck in time while the world continues to go on.

happy sewing