Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not A WIP Wednesday Post

this is a not WIP Wednesday post. sorry i don't have the 'whatever' to get one together this evening. i thought about waiting until tomorrow but i have just decided to skip it all together this week. i am spent for the day & i am looking forward to a bowl of vanilla ice cream & my bed.

however, this past week something wonderful did happen. DMB kicked off their (way to short) summer concert season. they played 3 nights in Atlantic City this past weekend. the set lists from the shows were great & i am getting excited to see them at the Gorge in September.

i wasn't in Atlantic City but i got this photo from they have some great shots on their site from this past weekend.

before i leave you all i have one question for you. could someone please tell me where the 1st half of this year went?

i am at a loss with how quickly this year is going. next week this time i will be in Sisters Oregon for their quilt show. to me it seems like we just got done with winter.

please tell me i am not the only one feeling this way.......

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sara's Baby Quilt

i have a great friend Sara who is expecting her 2nd child which is a girl. i told her that i wanted to make her a quilt & i asked her what her colors were going to be. orange, brown & pink. i had never worked with those colors together before. Sara was specific "not a lot of pink".

so this is what i came up with. a main fabric with all 3 colors in it set with simple 4 patches done mostly in brown and oranges with a few pinks mixed in.

i love how it turned out. it is so Sara. funky with a little edge to it.
the backing was fun as well.
i picked up this print on a trip to Seattle thinking i would use it to make a bag. but when i went looking for a back for the quilt this was a perfect fit.
colors were smack on & the touch of whimsy fit right in as well.
i am looking forward to giving it to Sara this week & seeing the look on her face. i hope that she is as pleased with it as i am.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WIP Wednesday

what a week it has been for me. i am glad that i have had some sewing to get me some what grounded.
this fun little pile came from making 2 bee blocks for a group that i am in. gotta love making hst.

i hope that she likes her blocks as much as i do.

i also made some burp clothes for some new baby's that were born in the past few weeks. my cousins were each expecting & they had their daughters just a little over 4 hours apart. just enough time that they don't share the same birthday.

i worked on my 3rd H2H quilt & got the top done. its a simple top that didn't take long at all. i ended up cutting out some of the castles and appliqued them to a solid green block. just a touch of whimsy for the center of the quilt.

now i need to figure out the backing and get it quilted and bound.

i also finished the last blocks for my Opening Day quilt. now i just need to lay it all out & get the top sewin together.

i have another friend expecting a baby girl soon & she is doing brown, orange & pink. i found this great print when i was in Boise a few weeks back.

i am pairing it up with 4 patches of brown & orange as well as a few with pink in them as well. she was very specific 'not to much pink.'

i have also started to hack up this stack of fabric. i picked this up in Boise as well. i am a huge fan of Sweetwater & i love their Countdown To Christmas line.

i am doing Rachel's quilt along over at ps i quilt. so far we have just been told to cut but i am looking forward to the end result.

that has been my progress this past week. i am looking forward to a weekend of sewing again. i need to prep my fabric for Sisters which is 2 weeks away. i can't believe it is that close. i am sort of freaking out wondering where this year has gone.

i have also had a few doctor appointments this past week. today will be my 4th one. lots of windshield time. i have issues with my health & when i was in Boise something new developed & so 3 docs & 4 appointments later we might have a solution to this new development. my whole health thing can become overwhelming if i let it. so i stay busy sewing a lot so i don't really think about it.

i hope that you are making progress on whatever you are working on. i have read a lot on blogs that people slow down in the warmer weather & don't sew as much. not me. i hate the heat so i live in my basement during the summer months & sew to my hearts content.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

i was in Boise this past week hanging out with these two monsters.

i did take a couple projects to work on while i was there.

i finally finished block #5 on my Quilter's Journey quilt. i have #6 ready to start stitching on.

i also got the templates cut out for the class i am taking in Sisters.

when i got home i had this nice little stack of fabric waiting for me. more about this later.

i have the final blocks of my Opening Day quilt ready to go. i need to get this finished up soon so i can move onto another project.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Great Book

i ordered this book from Julie over at jaybird quilts when i first heard about it. that was back in ummmm..... March maybe. not for sure though. anyways, it came the week before i left for Boise. i was going to do a post about it but i lent it to a friend. i just got it back. so here is Fresh Fabric Treats. a great book from Moda & some of their bakers from the Moda Bake Shop.

its a great book to have. it is filled with all sorts of great projects. from quilts. to bags. to everything in between.

Julie even signed it for me.

now i just need to find the time to make some of these projects.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WIP Wednesday

wow, no post between my WIP Wednesday posts. i must have been busy. busy getting ready to be gone for a week. busy working at my job so that i am not to far behind when i get back home.

i have been in Boise since Sunday helping to take care of my 3 year old & 3 month old nieces. my SIL had to go back for that last week of school. Monday & Tuesday she did half days but today she will be gone a little longer. let me just say...... i don't know how she does it. hats off to all of the moms out there. i think that you must be given extra energy & patience when you have a baby. taking care of kids is work & those moms who have a job outside of the home & have kids. amazing.

i didn't get to spend anytime with my machine before i left so no new updates there. i did bring my hand project down & i have made some progress on it.

i am almost done with block #5. i just have to finish the string around the outside.

the other project that i brought with me is this fabric. i need to get the templates cut out & start cutting up the fabric. this is for the class that i am taking at Sister's from Tula Pink in July. i thought it was fitting to use Prince Charming for a class from her.

its Wednesday & i will be heading home on Saturday. i don't know what i was thinking when i brought both projects with me. the days have been flying by. i honestly don't know how moms who have kids at home get all of their sewing done. i am sure that there is some secret to it that i don't know. the only thing that i can think of is no sleep.

i hope that you are all making progress on whatever it is that you are working on.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

yes i know its Thursday & not Wednesday but Wednesday got interrupted by stuff. you can read more about it here. i am happy to report that i did not end up in the hospital or jail. the meeting this morning went well & the issue was resolved. i am frustrated by the way i was treated yesterday & that at the meeting this morning my dad was present & the individual was most agreeable and understanding. why are people like that? is it because i am a female in what use to be a man's world? whatever the reason maybe it makes me mad. i am working my way through it with lots of ice cream and music. hahaha......

not much progress in the sewing area of my life this past week. my favorite two monsters came to town with their parents for the long weekend. i spent a lot of time with them.

how could i not?

i also spent one day of the long weekend on the couch with the stomach flu. major yuck.

i did get my tumblers all together & now i need to cut & sew on the boarder for it.

i also got a bee block done for a group that i am in.

i sewed up some pillowcases for some soldiers which i learned about over at Vicky's blog LA Quilter. an amazing story about an amazing woman. if you have the time read it.

i also machine appliqued these heart blocks for a gal in our H2H group who has recently experienced a loss in her family.

a little progress on my Opening Day quilt but no pics of it.

i have a few days left at home & then i head to Boise to spend a week help taking care of my favorite monsters. i am really looking forward to spending time with them. who knows i might even have some time to hit a quilt store or 2 or 3........

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


i know that today is Wednesday however my body is stuck either on Monday or Tuesday. today totally felt like a Monday so that is what i am going with. i had the best intention of getting my WIP Wednesday post up but my afternoon/evening took on a whole new direction.

my regular job got in the way. BIG TIME. i got home from work after running errands on the way home & then got the call. the call that pushed all of my wrong buttons & had me speaking in a very loud voice into my phone as i headed back to my car to go back to work. did you know anger is a very powerful emotion. i rediscovered that just this evening. i know i should do a better job at reacting to things because i can control how i react. but at this point i really don't care. i am mad & upset by what happened. so upset that i am having ice cream for dinner.

we are meeting at 7:30 tomorrow morning to solve this issue. the other party involved had better see things through my eyes or tomorrow will be worse then today. my plan is to do my WIP Wednesday post tomorrow evening. if for some reason that doesn't happen you know that things got ugly & that i am either recovering in the hospital or sitting in a jail cell.