Thursday, June 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday

yes i know its Thursday & not Wednesday but Wednesday got interrupted by stuff. you can read more about it here. i am happy to report that i did not end up in the hospital or jail. the meeting this morning went well & the issue was resolved. i am frustrated by the way i was treated yesterday & that at the meeting this morning my dad was present & the individual was most agreeable and understanding. why are people like that? is it because i am a female in what use to be a man's world? whatever the reason maybe it makes me mad. i am working my way through it with lots of ice cream and music. hahaha......

not much progress in the sewing area of my life this past week. my favorite two monsters came to town with their parents for the long weekend. i spent a lot of time with them.

how could i not?

i also spent one day of the long weekend on the couch with the stomach flu. major yuck.

i did get my tumblers all together & now i need to cut & sew on the boarder for it.

i also got a bee block done for a group that i am in.

i sewed up some pillowcases for some soldiers which i learned about over at Vicky's blog LA Quilter. an amazing story about an amazing woman. if you have the time read it.

i also machine appliqued these heart blocks for a gal in our H2H group who has recently experienced a loss in her family.

a little progress on my Opening Day quilt but no pics of it.

i have a few days left at home & then i head to Boise to spend a week help taking care of my favorite monsters. i am really looking forward to spending time with them. who knows i might even have some time to hit a quilt store or 2 or 3........


Anonymous said...

Those babies are so cute! I'm glad everything worked out for you at work ~ it sucks having to deal with stuff like that!

Sarah Craig said...

You've been busy, even with a flu bug, two little monsters and one big one! And yes, I think it's a "guy" thing. For some reason men think they can cow women with a rude attitude, but wouldn't think of acting that way to another man.