Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Camp Update #2 & More

quilt camp is over & i have been suffering from quilt camp hangover for a few days now - thats probably why i haven't gotten around to a 2nd post about quilt camp. oh & the fact that i had to head out of town for some doc appts yesterday.
before i left for camp this lovely little jelly roll showed up at my house. i won a jelly roll of my choice from Fat Quarter Shop & so i picked Origins which i have been wanting for awhile.

before we get to quilt camp pics i have to show you my purchases from yesterday. one of my doc's is right by my fav quilt shop so of course i had to go there. i picked up some yardage of Origins to go with my jelly roll as well as some yardage of Pure to go with my charm packs that i got from jaybird. i also found some backing for some quilts in their sale hall - best place to buy quilt backing.

on my way back home i stopped in a quilt shop in Colfax that has been there about a year but I have never been to. i am glad i stopped because i found backing for a BOM quilt made out of Peace On Earth at 40% off (its the fabric on the bottom).

now for quilt camp pics

while we were at camp there was another quilt group there & one of its members brings bolts a fabric to sell from her friends shop. awesome right??? i found the following there. the floral will be made into a bag & the other 2 will go with 2 charm packs i have.

Debbie busted out 5 bags and a few Snap Happy smaller bags.

Steph's ipad sleeve which the pattern came from the Moda Bake Shop.

i took my serger for pj pants & more pillowcases for the million pillowcase challenge.

quilt top by me

quilt top by Sharon for her granddaughter's room.

quilt top by Denise made of scraps.

table topper by Bonnie. it only took 6 people to help figure it out - not really it only took 3

bee blocks that i made

Fat Quarter Shop BOM that i made

Downy Quilts For Kids quilt that i made

2 dinosaur quilts that Denise made for upcoming babies

another quilt top that Denise made

Lynette made quilts for children of solders

Sharon made this bag out of oil cloth

i put together my blocks from the Simple Sampler QA

finished up my boarders on my Jelly Roll QA
quilt camp is not all work - as you can see in these pics we had a lot of fun as well including water fights with our irons.

here is a quilt camp group with Max and Dozer the lodge's dogs.
thanks ladies i had a blast!!!

my friend Shelly wasn't able to join us at camp due to the passing of her grandfather & we all missed her greatly. however, plans are in the work for her to come to my place & sew next month.
believe it or not i head out again a week from today for another quilt camp. this time its just the Renegades & we are headed to a home in McCall for 5 days. its just the 4 of us & we cook our own meals but we keep it simple so we can get as much sewing done as possible.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Camp Update 1

just a few pics from the 1st couple of days of camp. we all have been working on a variety of different projects.
Sharon's clover shaped baby quilt
my charm pack QA top is finished.
Lynette has been doing some embroidery with her machine.
Denise quilted this wall hanging.
i have quilted these 3 quilts.

we are all having a great time & getting lots done.
check back for more updates.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Dancin.... On To Camp

this past weekend i was in Chicago to see my 5th & 6th Dave Matthews Band concerts of the summer. we flew out Friday morning & back in Sunday morning.... yes a quick trip, but it was well worth it. seeing DMB wrap up their summer tour at Wrigley Field was amazing. both nights were sold out so with 40,000 plus fans the energy was incredible & the band was defiantly feeling it both nights.
Dave himself was in rare form with his 'davespeak', dancing & story telling. someone online said this was a 'milestone' show for them & i would have to agree. i have been seeing DMB in concert since 1997 & these shows will be standouts for me as two of my favorites. some people think i am crazy with my passion for this band but as a fellow fan said to me last year in Vegas at a show "i can either spend money on therapy or i can go see DMB & get the same affect". i could not have said it better myself - nothing brings me back to center better then this band. even though DMB is not touring in 2011 i will still be dancing to their music in anticipation for 2012.
i leave tomorrow for quilt camp with 9 friends. i have been prepping & packing like a mad women & i think i am about ready to go. for camp i like to have everything bagged up by project, so below is a couple of pics of some of my projects i am taking to camp. i have a variety of things to work on like, bags, bee blocks, boms, pj pants, pillowcases, quilts to finish up & new quilts to start.

i am even taking quilts along to quilt & bind. i have them basted & ready to go. i roll them on an old batting tube for transportation purposes. that way when i get there i just unroll & they are ready to go.

with almost 5 days at camp i hope to get a lot done.
wish me luck!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Week From Now

a week from now i will in the middle of quilt camp with 9 of my quilting friends. since Labor Day weekend i have continued to get stuff ready for quilt camp. last night i put all of my projects together & i am pretty sure i am taking way to much for myself to get done..... however its always better to have to much then not enough.
i leave tomorrow at o'dark 30 for Chicago for final 2 DMB shows - i am excited because i have never been to Chicago but also a little sad knowing i won't see the band again until 2012. we get back home Sunday morning & i will finish packing for camp because we leave Wednesday for that.
check back here on Sunday. i am working on a post to show you my camp projects.
also, you should go check out Julie's blog she is having a great give away with Robert Kaufman.

Monday, September 6, 2010

4 Shows Down

4 out of the past 7 days i have attended a Dave Matthews Band concert. 1st in Boise, ID then i spent the weekend at the Gorge in Washington for 3 shows. for those that have never been its an amazing venue with the Columbia River as your backdrop.
this was the 5th year for my friend Steph & i to make the annual trek to the Gorge & the 1st year for us to take in all 3 shows. with the band taking a year off in 2011 we figured that this was a must. although, Steph did say if by chance the band or Dave pops up somewhere next year she will fly to see them. i am holding you to it Steph!!!!

we met people from Rhode Island who flew in for the weekend as well as people from Buffalo, NY. the Gorge has such a draw for DMB fans from all over the place. we also met a couple who's friends have a 5 yr old boy who got to meet Dave this past weekend through the Make A Wish Foundation.

you might be thinking 3 concerts in a row - crazy!!! the crazy thing is that DMB didn't repeat 1 song the whole weekend - each night it was a different setlist with a total of 60 songs for all 3 shows.

Saturday & Sunday night fans were even lighting fireworks off in the parking lot after the shows.

i did a lot of traveling this past week but i also did some hand sewing as well. i finished block 3 for my Quilters Journey quilt.

& i started block 4 for it.

i am home for 10 days then its off to Chicago & Wrigley field for the final 2 DMB shows. while i am home i will be getting things ready for quilt camp and resting up for the next trip.
i hope you all had an amazing labor day weekend!