Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Week From Now

a week from now i will in the middle of quilt camp with 9 of my quilting friends. since Labor Day weekend i have continued to get stuff ready for quilt camp. last night i put all of my projects together & i am pretty sure i am taking way to much for myself to get done..... however its always better to have to much then not enough.
i leave tomorrow at o'dark 30 for Chicago for final 2 DMB shows - i am excited because i have never been to Chicago but also a little sad knowing i won't see the band again until 2012. we get back home Sunday morning & i will finish packing for camp because we leave Wednesday for that.
check back here on Sunday. i am working on a post to show you my camp projects.
also, you should go check out Julie's blog she is having a great give away with Robert Kaufman.

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