Monday, September 6, 2010

4 Shows Down

4 out of the past 7 days i have attended a Dave Matthews Band concert. 1st in Boise, ID then i spent the weekend at the Gorge in Washington for 3 shows. for those that have never been its an amazing venue with the Columbia River as your backdrop.
this was the 5th year for my friend Steph & i to make the annual trek to the Gorge & the 1st year for us to take in all 3 shows. with the band taking a year off in 2011 we figured that this was a must. although, Steph did say if by chance the band or Dave pops up somewhere next year she will fly to see them. i am holding you to it Steph!!!!

we met people from Rhode Island who flew in for the weekend as well as people from Buffalo, NY. the Gorge has such a draw for DMB fans from all over the place. we also met a couple who's friends have a 5 yr old boy who got to meet Dave this past weekend through the Make A Wish Foundation.

you might be thinking 3 concerts in a row - crazy!!! the crazy thing is that DMB didn't repeat 1 song the whole weekend - each night it was a different setlist with a total of 60 songs for all 3 shows.

Saturday & Sunday night fans were even lighting fireworks off in the parking lot after the shows.

i did a lot of traveling this past week but i also did some hand sewing as well. i finished block 3 for my Quilters Journey quilt.

& i started block 4 for it.

i am home for 10 days then its off to Chicago & Wrigley field for the final 2 DMB shows. while i am home i will be getting things ready for quilt camp and resting up for the next trip.
i hope you all had an amazing labor day weekend!

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Sarah Craig said...

Wow! Sounds like you have had an amazing time!!