Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Dancin.... On To Camp

this past weekend i was in Chicago to see my 5th & 6th Dave Matthews Band concerts of the summer. we flew out Friday morning & back in Sunday morning.... yes a quick trip, but it was well worth it. seeing DMB wrap up their summer tour at Wrigley Field was amazing. both nights were sold out so with 40,000 plus fans the energy was incredible & the band was defiantly feeling it both nights.
Dave himself was in rare form with his 'davespeak', dancing & story telling. someone online said this was a 'milestone' show for them & i would have to agree. i have been seeing DMB in concert since 1997 & these shows will be standouts for me as two of my favorites. some people think i am crazy with my passion for this band but as a fellow fan said to me last year in Vegas at a show "i can either spend money on therapy or i can go see DMB & get the same affect". i could not have said it better myself - nothing brings me back to center better then this band. even though DMB is not touring in 2011 i will still be dancing to their music in anticipation for 2012.
i leave tomorrow for quilt camp with 9 friends. i have been prepping & packing like a mad women & i think i am about ready to go. for camp i like to have everything bagged up by project, so below is a couple of pics of some of my projects i am taking to camp. i have a variety of things to work on like, bags, bee blocks, boms, pj pants, pillowcases, quilts to finish up & new quilts to start.

i am even taking quilts along to quilt & bind. i have them basted & ready to go. i roll them on an old batting tube for transportation purposes. that way when i get there i just unroll & they are ready to go.

with almost 5 days at camp i hope to get a lot done.
wish me luck!

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