Monday, August 30, 2010

Sew It Begins.....

i am back at it again with an engine full of steam. i ended up working most of Saturday so Sunday was devoted to sewing and sewing related stuff. 1st on the list was my Limes quilt - i want to take it to the Gorge with me this coming weekend for Friday nights show becuz we have lawn tickets. at 11 Sunday morning this quilt wasn't basted or anything - i decided to spray baste it becuz that was going to be the quickest - next i had to figure out where to do this at.
i had a light bulb moment!
at work we have this HUGE table that use to be used for making draperies & i knew it would be perfect for this - so off to work i went....
this quilt is roughly 57"x72" so as you can see the table is HUGE & the ceilings are so tall that i can stand up on the table. LOVE it. now i know where i will be doing my spray basting at from now on.
on to the quilting - i got it all quilted in a simple straight line pattern & i was shocked at how quickly it went. its amazing how helpful the right space & set up can be. if its wrong then you are always fighting the quilt but with this one it was a dream.
i then put the binding on & threw it in the wash.

i think its pretty snappy looking but then again i am a major green freak. so it will take its 1st of many journeys with me this Friday to the Gorge at George, WA where i will take in my 2nd DMB show for the week (1st is tomorrow night in Boise) with a great friend of mine Stephanie.

this will be our 5th year of heading to the Gorge to see DMB & i couldn't think of another person i would rather do it with. Steph is one of those people that when you meet them you feel like you have won the lottery. we have been through thick & thin & the best part is - is that she gets me & all of my quirks & still wants to be my friend.
she is ACES!!!! love ya girl!!!!

This is my pile of stuff for quilt camp.

which i will continue to add to in the coming weeks with every spare minute that i can find.

this past weekend i also go my blocks together for Karrie's Charm Pack Quilt Along. Karrie posted the final step on Sunday morning & so i have the blocks together & the 1st boarder cut. this might be added to the pile above & finished at quilt camp.

the fabrics on the bottom are the 3 boarders inside to outside - left to right.

the next thing i will be cutting up for quilt camp is this yummy pile.

Verna - i have a way cool pattern for this that involves sewing curves & thanks to Julie's video tutorial they will be a breeze with the right foot.
go watch the tutorial - its totally worth it.

tomorrow at o'dark 30 my mom & i drive to Boise. me for the DMB show with my brother & sil and my mom to babysit my niece. we will be back on the road home Wednesday morning. its roughly a 5 1/2 hr drive each way so i am taking some hand work.

i have 2 1/2 buttons on this block to finish & then its on to block 4. i know i am slow with this (i have only had it for 2 yrs) but its getting done. more will get done during the days this weekend at the Gorge.

so it begins,
6 shows, 20 days, 5,000 plus miles
then a 5 day quilt camp
what more could i ask for?????
i feel very blessed for being able to do this.

i will post when i can as well as prep for camp when i can.
enjoy your week!!!!

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Aunti Nicole's Corner said...

Wow Ann that sounds like a great quilt camp. Have a wonderful time!