Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What a week....

what a week i have had...............
8 days ago we had an electrical issue at work which took out a computer, our internet server as well as our main server. our computer guy was called in & he took our server to rebuild it. got that done & re-loaded the data which we tested to make sure we didn't loose anything & finally got us all back up & running today.
as some of you know when your system goes down you panic - which i did.
when i panic i have to stay busy with simple tasks that require little brain function and sewing isn't one of them. i spent a lot of time in my yard doing stuff so i thought i would share a couple pics that i took.
i am a lover of sunflowers & have a ton of them in my garden - just happened to catch a shot with a bee in the middle of this one.
a bowl full of cherry tomatos from my garden. i have 4 cherry tomato plants & the people i work with love them.

i did do some quilting (non-sewing) stuff last week.
i laid out my hexi quilt & counted up how many setting triangles i would need. i then took some pics just in case i mess up the layout when i go to sew it together.
i then bagged up each row & labeled them so they are ready for me at camp.

i also worked on my Charm Pack QA blocks.
i got them all laid out & ready to sew as well.

now that things are back to normal for me at work i might get some sewing done in the evenings & maybe this weekend.
Tuesday we head to Boise for the 1st DMB show then home for a day then onto the Gorge for 3 more shows. i will wrap the concert adventure up in Chicago on the 17th & 18th of September then its onto a 5 day quilt camp on the 22nd.
the days are getting shorter & the nights are getting cooler.
summer is coming to a close & fall will be here before we know it.
i hope everyone has had a great summer & you are looking forward to the fall as much as i am.


jaybird said...

i've had that "system down" panic at more than one job! i'm glad that nothing was lost!

and your quilts.. i love the colors you picked for the charm pack QAL.. and your hext quilt... you know i love that one!

Bailey said...

I'm so jealous of you going to the DMB concerts....why so many? Are you a huge fan or part of the show?

I still have your prizes to send, I haven't forgotten about you, just been BUSY!