Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Time Flys

time really does fly doesn't it????
i have got about 15 days worth of work to do & only 9 or so days to get it all done in. i am about to the point of what gets done gets done & what doesn't doesn't. i am sure you are all familiar with what i am talking about. some how life has a sneaky way of interrupting my plans.....
awhile back Hip Fabric had a giveaway on their blog & i won. i got to pick 5 Parisville fat quarters. this is my 1st Parisville & i am completely in LOVE with this line of fabric. i am planning on adding to this stash with some Christmas gifts - we will see how well Santa listened to me. Thank You Hip Fabric!!!!
in my last post i told you that we did some shopping when we were in Seattle. below is some pics of what i got.

i love this color combination. i am thinking a bag with it. i found this in a quilt shop in Woodenville.

we then ventured to Bothell & it was an adventure even with printed directions we had to turn around about 3 times & finally call the shop for directions. it was totally worth it because I found 2 charm packs of Plume & some yardage. as well as the Pure print that i have been looking for - its going to be binding on a quilt. the other was a fun print in their sale section & again i am thinking bag.
now onto some holiday related stuff.
another hobby i have is stamping which i mostly just make cards with. each year i make my own Christmas cards so i thought i would share it with you. two of my favorite things. moose & the color green.

i thought that they would be quick & easy to make. well, card making is sort of like quilt making. you start out with a plan & it evolves from there. it wouldn't have been too bad if i only had 10 to make but by the time i was done with 50 i was beginning to think i was stupid for changing my original idea. needless to say they are done & going in the mail today.
last night after i finished up these cards i cut out a quilt that i will sew together tonight. its super simple so i am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well. i will then need to quilt & bind it. i have another quilt awaiting its binding as well. i won't bother telling you the status of the other 3 quilts......
like i said lots to do. who needs sleep anyways???
check back to see my progress..........

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Sarah Craig said...

Sleep is highly over-rated........ ;-)