Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In the blink of an eye.....

and in the blink of an eye.........
Christmas has come & gone & with it my family from Boise headed back home yesterday.
sad face.......
we had a great time hanging out, catching up & playing with this little monster.
my 2 1/2 year old niece. here she is modeling her Christmas coat that grandma got her. at 1st she didn't want to put it on because 'its too pretty'. but then once her little friend got there she had to put it on & then wouldn't take it off.
she went & saw the Christmas lights in the local park which she loved & didn't want to leave.
she is at that stage where she will tell you 'no picture' so getting a good shot can be a challenge with her.
this years Christmas was great for me. i got some quilting books i had been wanting, some gift cards to my favorite quilt shops and a Nook which i was totally surprised about. its Barnes & Noble's e-reader however its like a mini ipad because there is a ton of other stuff you can do with it. my SIL got one as well & we were like 2 little girls figuring them out.
we had Christmas dinner at my parents house with over 20 people there spanning 4 generations. it was a very fun & enjoyable time.
i hope you all had a great Holiday this year!!!

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