Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seattle onto Boise.......

i know that i have been MIA for awhile. first i took a break because of blogging everyday in November then i realized it was time to go Seattle for the Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds shows. so, now i am back but just for a brief pit stop. i went to Seattle with my BFF Shelly & her little guy. we had a great trip over, stayed with her parents & even did a little quilt store shopping which will be in a separate post.
Dave & Tim have never had a opening act before so this was unusual for them this time around. when Dave introduced them Monday night he said that he heard about this band from his doctor & now he can't get enough of them. usually i am not to impressed with opening acts unless its Ben Harper or OAR. let me tell you this band blew my socks off. i got home last night & i have already downloaded their album from itunes.
who are they you ask????
The Head and The Heart
from Seattle
give them a listen, you might like them.
Dave likes them so much that they are opening for him & Tim in Vegas this weekend.

Monday's show was great they walked on stage with these blue hard hats on. the audience loved it. i still don't know the meaning behind them but hey whatever.....

Dave messed up the lyrics in a serious song & ended up stopping about 20 seconds in laughing because of his screw up & didn't know how to get serious again for the song. so, they put the hard hats back on & re-started the song. we were further away from the stage for Monday's show so i am surprised the pic even turned out.

Tuesday's show we had center stage seats not on the floor but one level up. great seats which gave me the chance for better pics & video. the venue seats 2,900 so really there was no bad seat in the place.

the lighting was also pretty cool. i love this pic because of it.
Monday & Tuesday were my 7th & 8th shows for this year & my 40 something shows overall. the word is that the band is not touring next year, however Dave told a Seattle newspaper that a weekend at the Gorge is not out of the question. a sliver of HOPE is all i need......

we took this little guy with us. adorable i know. he wasn't like this the whole time but i couldn't resist this pic.

traveling back Wednesday was interesting on the pass, however it was just at the summit & we were glad that we left when we did because it just got worse.
tomorrow i am headed to Boise to see my brother, SIL & niece. they are so busy when they come home for the holidays that i decided to spend some air miles & go have some 'me' time with them.
once i am back no more traveling until after the 1st of the year, but i have a heck of a lot of Christmas gifts to get finished up. i still have a giveaway to tell you about that i won & i need to do one here for my 100th post. at this rate it might be my 113th post.........

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Sarah Craig said...

Nice to see you back - you've been missed! Sounds like you had a great time at the concert....