Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Busy Week or Two

it has been a busy couple of weeks for me but not too busy for some sewing.  i finished up the year end commitments at work that i needed to which meant some long days and chaos in my mind at times.  it was worth it because i met my family at the famous little mouse's house in California for a little vacation.

have sewing will travel.  i did some sewing on my Tula Pink Salt Water Hex on the Beach quilt while i waited in the airport for the other's to arrive.  i think i was putting together row 18.  i am almost halfway there.  whoot whoot.

over the past couple weeks i have also made progress on the 10 quilt tops that i have that need to be quilted.  this is the 1st one and i had fun quilting it.  i did an overall loopy pattern.  

i made it to the 2nd quilt.  i did some echo quilting inside of each star with matching thread.  i also used the same thread for the center square of each log cabin and the pink border.  i did a larger overall stipple on the rest of the quilt with a light grey thread.

i have the scraps ready for both quilts to cut up and make the binding for each quilt.  since i sew my binding on with a different machine i will wait until i have a couple more quilts quilted and then bind them all at once.

this is the 3rd quilt that i will be quilting.  it is a mini but it is counted in my 10 tops that need quilted.  i will be using 5 different colors of thread on this one because its Tula and its NEPTUNE.  need i say more?

i have started on it......

i hope to finish the quilting on it this week.  i think that is a reasonable goal given the size of it.  LOL

this was the last day at Disneyland.  we were all tired but we all had a great time.  

i got row 18 together on the trip and so i have started sewing it to row 17.  

happy sewing

Friday, January 15, 2016


i have made a tiny bit of progress on my quilts to be quilted list.  

this is a super quick pattern that i got with a kit and i put it together at the November quilt camp that i went to.  i won't be adding the applique flowers to my quilt top.

this is a fun bright quilt top with some yellow and bright lime green.  i think it will be fun and easy to quilt.  i am thinking of doing an overall stipple in the middle and then something different in each border.  i plan on doing a scrappy binding with the leftover fabric.

i got the backing for it figured out and it is ready to go.  i just need to cut the batting and baste it.  i plan on doing that this evening during a virtual sew in.  if all goes well i will get some quilting done on it as well.

i also have dug back into my Tula Pink Saltwater EPP project.  i have it organized into a system that works well for me and i am currently working on row 17 or 18 - i can't remember.  anyways there are 40 rows total so i am almost to the half way point.  

thanks for stopping by and i hope that you are making progress on whatever it is that you are working on.

happy sewing

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Quilt Tops Galore

wow.....  i am surprised that i even remember how to upload pictures or even do a blog post.  i guess its kind of like riding a bike.....  LOL  i looked and my last post was sometime in February of  last year.  so much has happened in that time frame.  a lifetime of challenges and i am pretty sure i have aged 10 years in the past year.  thank God for quilting.  it has been my escape from reality and always helps me find my center which is good.  i think i have said this about 5 times on here but i will say it again.  i am going to attempt to get back to blogging on a random basis.  i would like to blog a couple times a month which totally seems reasonable.  right?  i will see.....

i really thought i was doing a good job of keeping the number of quilt tops needing quilted in check.  i thought i had it under control and i was WRONG.  i have several quilt tops that need quilted and by several i mean 10!!!!  that might not be a lot for some quilters but for me it is.  i am mildly overwhelmed by that number and so i hope to reduce that number by getting them quilted.

above is a log cabin star quilt on top that i made with a Noteworthy jelly roll.  the middle quilt is a Strip Search quilt that i made with a Salt Air jelly roll.  the bottom quilt is my Single Girl quilt top which once it was put together i discovered a mistake.  i didn't read the instructions for sewing the blocks together and sewed them with a quarter inch seam allowance so my rings don't touch.  i was suppose to sew them together with a half inch seam allowance.  i am 99.8% sure that i will take the top apart and redo the seams so the rings touch.  its a quilt i am keeping and i know it will drive me nuts if i don't fix it.

the quilt on the top came in a kit that i got at a quilt camp a year or so ago.  it went together super quick and it is a throw size.  more then likely this will be a charity quilt.  the quilt on the bottom i just finished.  its my Aviatrix Medallion quilt made with Kona solids and Essex linen.  it will be an epic quilt for me to quilt.  lots of thread changes and custom quilting.  it might be on the 'to be quilted' list for awhile.

now we get to my obsession love of Tula Pink's fabric.  the top quilt is a fat quarter friendly quilt made from Moonshine.  i love the pattern that i used because it has big pieces in it and so it shows off the fabric really well.  the middle quilt is my 100 Good Wishes quilt that i made using Tula's City Sampler book.  the top has been together for some time i just need to get around to quilting it.  i really like this quilt because it uses most all of Tula's fabric lines in it.  on the bottom of the pile is what i am calling my Tula Pink log cabin Beads quilt.  it was a kit that i got from Stash in Walla Walla, WA.  they made the pattern for a magazine and it was on the cover.  

need i say more?  one of my all time favorite Tula lines of fabric.  i thought this mini sewing machine quilt would be a great use for Neptune.  once i get it quilted and finished i plan on hanging on a wall in my sewing room.

the 10th and final quilt that needs quilting is my Tula Pink Prince Charming Dwell quilt.  i have always wanted to do a house quilt and when i saw the Dwell pattern i knew that was it.  originally i was going to use a few of Tula's lines in it but i eventually settled on Prince Charming.  this quilt will join my mini sewing machine quilt in my sewing room when it is finished.

looks like i have better get busy quilting.
thanks for stopping by.

happy sewing