Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Word Of The Year

having a word of the year is something that i have decided to do this year.  my life has been chaos and constantly changing for the past 18 months and things have finally slowed down a bit for me.  i like the idea of having a word of the year for 2014.  i just wasn't sure what word it would be until this morning when i was reading somewhere and saw this -


a light bulb went off and i knew that my word for 2014 would be.


my mind started spinning thinking about 2014 and all of the possibilities it holds for me.  thinking that anything is possible if i believe.  

the definition of 'possible' according to Merrian-Webster is a :  being within the limits of ability, capacity, or realization b :  being what may be conceived, be done, or occur according to nature, custom, or manners.

this year is want to push myself to make things that i want to happen in my life possible.  i don't want to be guided by fear or failure or what others think.  i want to be driven by courage and by the idea that anything is 'possible'.  i just need to believe in myself and push myself past the point of doubt to the point of possibility.

last year i was given this journal.  i hadn't written in it until this morning.  i plan on holding myself accountable using this journal to keep my goals in focus and to help make 2014 the best year it can be for me.

now every time i open my journal i will be reminded that...

 all things are possible  

up next i am going to make a list of some quilty goals that i want to accomplish in 2014.  those goals will be the next entry in my journal which i will happily share with you all.  maybe i can figure out how to make a list on the side of my blog so i can also be held accountable by all of you.

do you set sewing related goals for yourself?  if so, what are they?  i would love to hear what they are.

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

What a great word, Ann! I have no doubt you'll succeed this year in reaching your goals with that word in mind. I've never been good at picking one word but I have set some goals on my blog - you can come and link yours up too! Hope to see you there!