Saturday, January 25, 2014

So..... I Knit

some of you may or may not know that i knit. i took a class about 9 years ago and have never really ventured past scarves and dish cloths.  a few months ago my SIL showed me how to knit with the 'funky yarn' (my term because i can't remember the real name).  so for Christmas i knitted 6 of these scarves as gifts for people.  the 6th one is a solid soft grey.  i didn't get a picture of that one.  i think i finished it the day after Christmas and gave it to my mom.

i also knitted two other scarves or should i say cowls for Christmas gifts as well.  i kept seeing them on instagram and found a couple patterns that i could do.  again no pics.  however, i am pleased with how they turned out.  with that being said i am wanting to venture out of the 'safe zone' of knitting and so on my recent trip to

New Orleans
to see

play here

i discovered an super cute yarn and needlepoint shop in the French Quarter.  its called Quarter Stitch and it is filled with color and inspiration and so many things to look at.

the staff was super friendly which is always a plus.

they also gave us a great lunch recommendation.  i love to eat where the locals eat when i travel.

here are two of the three yarns i bought.  the other is a light weight solid black.  i think the purplish blue one will become a hat.  i know.  venturing out of my comfort zone.  the green one i am not sure about yet.  the shop isn't online but the gal gave me her card and said just to call her up and tell her what i am looking for and she would be happy to help me out.  which is great since the closest specialty yarn shop is 2 hours away.  

on my trip i worked on some embroidery

as well as my Tula Pink hexi project.  i am almost a quarter of the way through it.

i will post more about my trip soon but now i have to get back to work.  being gone for 10 days makes a girl get behind.......

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

Lots of pretty eye candy there, Ann! I'm glad you had a good time in NOLA! And your scarves are very pretty….