Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I Finished Something

one down many to go......  i got my Cargo Duffle bag finished.  it was one of the last items on my 2014 Quilty Goals list.  i had most everything cut and ready i just needed to sew.

i quilted the panels using warm and natural in the middle and duck cloth as the backing/lining.  i used duck cloth in a couple bags i made for Christmas gifts and love how it holds its shape and gives durability to the bag.

using the duck cloth does make pinning a challenge so i used Clover clips and i love them.  they worked well on this bag.

having made several bags i tend not to always follow the patterns as well as i should.  i know.  i know.  practice what i preach.  read the directions.  my lack of reading came back to bite me in the ass on this bag.  oh well.  i made the handles for this bag how i like to make handles.  using interfacing and some fusible fleece as well as nylon webbing.  i find that it turns out a really sturdy handle that doesn't stretch out as much.

putting the zipper in was fairly easy with the gusset and such but this is also where i messed up and ended up with the gusset opening being a little bit smaller then the side panels.  rather then un-sew and fix the problem i just modified it and added a few pleats to each side.  

the inside seams are bound and the duck cloth is the lining on the bag.

as you can see the bag has really nice shape and structure to it with two outside pockets which are nice.  i doubt the bag is big enough for me for a weekend getaway bag.  maybe an overnight bag.

right now i have all of my knitting in it.  it is working out great for that.  this is a bag that i will make again and yes i will read all of the directions and get the next one right.

i have also been working on an old WIP using Origins.  i have all of the blocks trimmed and the layout is ready.

this isn't the final layout.  i did a little switching around with the help of some instagram friends (i love you gals) and my quilting buddy Denise - love you too.  so next up on my sewing list is getting the middle of this quilt sewed up.  but......  it will be awhile before i get it done.  because i am headed to....

The Big Easy

yup.  checking off another bucket-list item and taking a non-work related little vacation.  i am super excited about it.  i have heard great things about New Orleans and can't wait to experience the city for myself.  me being me and getting the most bang for my buck this trip did not just jump into my head.  it was prompted by......

Dave.  i blame him and i thank him all in the same breath.  

Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds are playing at the historic and newly renovated Saenger Theatre for not 1 but 2 nights and yes by the grace of God i have tickets for both nights. when these shows were announced last year my wheels (aka my brain) starting turning to see what i could make happen.  i will save you the drama and just say that i made it a possibility and now i am going.  if you are a regular reader you know of my love of his music.  i love the band in concert as well however him with Tim is my favorite.  so i will escape reality for a bit because i know it will be there when i get back and i will enjoy every minute of my Dave inspired vacation.

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

I love your bag! And you are so going to love New Orleans! I have a funny story about NO - I was wandering around the French Quarter one day while DH was working, and walked past what I thought was a leather handbag shop (I just glanced at the window in passing). Well, I thought I'd go in, and turned back to go in the shop. The second I walked in, I realized that those weren't purses hanging from the ceiling, but various "recreational" thingies that shall remain un-further-described! Needless to say, I moved out pretty quickly!!

Have fun!!