Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Two more done

two more done.....
i did not quilt these quilts. i sent them out to be quilted and i couldn't be happier with how they turned out.
i fell in love with the Countdown To Christmas line last year and this is my first quilt from that line. i put flannel on the back so it will be extra cozy this winter.

i have also developed a love for striped bindings. i think it gives the quilt a little something extra.

the second quilt is also a Christmas themed quilt.  its one of those race quilts that you make with a jelly roll.  me being me had to have all of the snowmen going the same direction.  of course i didn't realize that until after i had sewed my first seam.  needless to say some unsewing was involved but all snowmen are going the same way now.

more striped binding.

this is what i am quilting on now.  my Neptune hexi quilt.  i am about half way done with the quilting on it and i am loving how it is turning out.

i have one more set of boarders to sew on to my Stacks quilt that i did in class with Miss Pink.  once i get those on i will do a post for that class and quilt.

happy sewing


Bailey said...

Oh, I still just love that first one! The quilting looks great on it as well! You had told me before, the pattern was on Moda Bakeshop, right?

Sarah Craig said...

Those are all just beautiful, Ann! I bet you can't wait for Christmas.....

Mommarock said...

Oooh that one with the boxes really caught my eye! Love that!

Megan said...

Oh Ann, all your quilts look so great! I'm so excited for you to have them finished - it must be such a great feeling! I like how you were able to distribute the lights evenly in your jelly roll race quilt. How'd you manage that? Or was it just the luck of the draw?