Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Picture Is Worth.....

i did this block a few weeks ago when i did my other bee block and i took pictures of both of them.  i was uploading those pictures to do a blog post when i looked at the picture below and discovered my error.

the bottom two outside corners are right.  however the top two outside corners are wrong.  i put the block together.  took the picture above and packaged it up to mail.  thankfully i hadn't mailed the envelopes when i first uploaded this picture.  it was then that i caught my error.  i unsealed the envelope.  unsewed the block.  and......

like magic its all better.
repackaged up and off in the mail to the bee block member.
it always surprises me what you see when you take a picture of something and look at it on screen.  i have read various blog posts about doing this when laying out a quilt to see if something stands out or looks wonky in your layout.

lesson learned.  double check yourself to make sure you are getting the look you want and a picture is a great way of doing that.

happy sewing

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Sarah Craig said...

So glad you caught your error before mailing - wouldn't that have been frustrating! I love taking photos to check layouts and for errors - I catch more problems that way!! Pretty block, too!!