Friday, July 27, 2012

Tula, Stash and Therapy

today is the day that I travel to Walla Walla - the town so nice they named it twice. hahaha. no I did not come up with that one.

you might be wondering what is in Walla Walla that would take me there.  well it would be none other then

that's right.  Tula Pink is going to be there.  I know crazy right?  just a short 2 hour drive for me and I will be among greatness in the quilting world.

I stumbled upon this event/workshop awhile back when I was out on Facebook one day.  I totally freaked out.  how many towns are named Walla Walla?  I dug deeper, holding my breath and then I cheered.  its the Walla Walla in Washington.  I called Stash, the shop hosting the event right away and signed up.  I didn't even know of this great little quilt shop so close to me.

since I wasn't able to make it to Sisters this year this trip to Walla Walla sort of makes up for it.  I said 'sort of'.

this evening is a meet and greet with Miss Pink herself as well as a book signing.  my book is already signed but I am taking a friends to have signed and I am sure I will be doing a bit of shopping as well.

tomorrow is the class with Tula.  we will be making her Stacks quilt from her book.  Stash did up kits for the quilt.  option one same fabric as the quilt in the book.  option two a combination of Nightshade and The Birds & The Bees.  hmmmmm.  me being me wanted to do the quilt out of just The Birds & The Bees.

so, I called Stash and they sent me fat quarters of the line.  I picked what I wanted to use for the quilt and went hunting for a background fabric.  I must confess I had a little help making the final choice.  thanks Tula - she is so cool like that.  those that know me know I am not a fan of setting things in light colored fabric.  so this is what i ended up with. 

i have my fabric all cut up and ready to go and my car is packed.  a little highway therapy.  a little retail therapy.  a little sewing therapy.  some time with Tula.  who could ask for anything more?


Bailey said...

Lucky you...have fun, can't wait to see your quilt!

Sarah Craig said...

I love your background choice - and agree with you, sometimes it takes a drenched color to really make the prints pop!! Have fun with Tula!!