Thursday, July 26, 2012

I've Bee Sewing

I have been back at my machine sewing.  getting caught up on some bee blocks.  this one dang near sent me over the edge.  after what seemed like a gazillions hst's and some trimming.

a block began to form and take shape.

let's just say this was a challenge for me.  I am always saying 'make sure and read the directions'.  I read them.  I read them again.  and again.  maybe after about the 10th time through I was comfortable in sewing this together.  something about the color of the fabric and it being someone elses fabric had me on edge.

now that its done I love the block.  i think.......
thanks Bailey for letting me play with your fabric and for getting my brain back into the sewing world.


Sarah Craig said...

What a pretty block - I love the colors!

Bailey said...

It's wonderful! Thank you for doing a block! It was a lot of trimming, wasn't it? This block has had a lot of people on edge, I guess it's the higher number of pieces than most of us are used to.