Friday, January 9, 2015

Where I Sew

I sew in a corner in the basement of my mom's house.  After my dad passed away I started staying with my mom and then I sold my house and so for now I live with her.  My sewing area in my old house was the basement family room which gave me a lot of space to spread out.  At my mom's I have a tight compact area but it still gets the job done.

Like I said this is my mom's house.  There is wallpaper on every wall in the house except for a handful.  My mom had wallpaper put up so she didn't have to paint because she doesn't like to paint.  To each their own.  I can live with it.  It just makes for an interesting background in pictures.  As shown below.

So here is my corner.  I brought the main tables from my house and set them up here.  The drafting table I use for cutting and I love it because its higher up and my back doesn't get as tired when I am cutting.  Then I have two 6 foot tables that complete the U shape.  Like I said its tight but it works.

In the far corner of my cutting table I have a couple pin cushions.  One that I use and one that a friend made for me that is too pretty to use but I smile every time I look at it.  The stitches on it are amazing.  

I also keep my cutting tools, small rulers, lint roller and note pads in a basket with tin cups.  I use the striped mini round bin for tiny scraps and such.  I got it from Thirty-One and I love it.  Its portable and it saves me from cleaning up because when I attempt to put tiny scraps into the trash can on the floor they never end up in the trash can.  I am always cleaning up the mess and usually hitting my head on the cutting table.  This little bin has eliminated that.  So yeah!!!

Just a different view point.  I keep my sewing notions, a small cutting mat and usually a small pressing mat to my left.  On the right side of my sewing machine is another cutting mat that just hangs out there.  It travels to quilt retreats with me.  I use the space mainly for projects and fabric sorting/selection.  Under the table is a tote full of scraps sorted by color and another storage container of larger scraps.

I kinda have a thing for owls and these work great to hold a few sewing notions and such.  The one with the Clover clips on it is a chalk board but I am tempted to cover it with a magnet and have it hold pins.  Good idea or no?

My wall decorations in my sewing area.  A mini quilt that I made using Jaybird's Mini Hex N More ruler and one of her patterns.  The 'Simplify' sign I picked up at a quilt retreat last fall and the other sign was a gift from a friend.  I love the quote on it.  Its a great reminder.  

Its not much but it adds a little of me to my sewing area and makes it a little easier to tolerate the wallpaper.  LOL

You might wonder where my 'stash' is.  I store my fabric in a couple bedroom closets.  I am one of those that believes fabric should be kept out of direct light so it doesn't fade or deteriorate.  I have seen this happen and its sad.  I would love to have my fabric out where I could see it.  Sort of display it like I see many people do but I don't use fabric quickly enough for that.  My fabric is treated like really good wine.  It has to age and it has to be the 'right' project for me to cut into it.  Therefore its kept in a dark spot until the time is right.  Just like wine.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little sewing area.  Where do you sew?  Do you have a room or a corner like me or maybe the dining room table?  I would love to know.

Happy Sewing


Sarah Craig said...

I love your sewing area, Ann! And it's funny - I have that same 31 bucket in my sewing area! Your drafting table is great, too. My sewing area is in my hubby's old man cave - he gave it up when I got my long arm. What a sweetie! The long arm is on one side of the room, and my sewing/cutting table and storage is on the other. Maybe I'll do a post like yours someday soon, if I ever get it clean enough to take pics!

Linda said...

Loved the tour through your space. I share mine with the guest bedroom and would selfishly like to move the guest bed out and ask our guests to sleep on an air mattress. ;)

I love the matrix quilt you posted about in June - it's beautiful!