Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quilt Camp Part 1

i left for quilt camp last Wednesday morning at 5:55. early for some but not for me. i had already been to work and done a couple of things. i didn't want to come back to a big mess on my desk.  plus i was really ready to get away.  away from it all.  i love my family but i needed a break.  needed some me time with some great friends.  needed some laughter.

as i got closer to camp the weather changed from spring to winter.  i didn't mater much to me.  my plans were for the inside not the outside.

however, i got to use 4-wheel drive.

got to Palouse Divide Lodge at 7:15.  very thankful that Lane and Shirley are early morning people.  they were not at all surprised to see us that early.  we quickly got to work arranging the tables and measuring to make sure that each person had the same amount of space.  quilters can be funny about things like that.

here is the room all set up and filled up.  some of the gals in this group own a quilt store so they brought part of their store with them.  a real bonus at quilt camp.  our group was small to what we normally have.  we had 21 this time and usually we are somewhere in the low 30's.  having the extra space was nice and the noise level wasn't too bad.

my first project was to get the bindings done on the 3 quilts that i had gotten back from the quilter.

i machine bind my quilts.  i think its stronger and i don't have the hand strength to hand bind. 
this is my Bee Block quilt made with Make Life fabric from Sweatwater

second quilt to get bound.  a simple fat quarter pattern.

third and final quilt.  Nature's Solitude is the fabric.

someone at camp wanted to take this one but it made it home safely with me.

i am getting them washed and then i will share some more pictures of them.
its a great feeling to have them done.

up next were 4 pillow cases to go with my Tula Pink Stacks quilt that has been shipped off to the quilter.

i am loving purple........
i can hardly wait to get the quilt back and on my bed.

i then went to work on putting together my Bee Blocks.

i fussy cut the cornerstones.  i am really pleased with how it turned out.  not sure if i will keep this for myself or not.....

more quilt camp projects to come.

happy sewing

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