Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WIP Wednesday

i am back on track with this post.
not much to share as i am sort of taking a break from the holiday sewing rush.

i have finished the top for my cousin's quilt.  she had a little boy the 1st part of December.  the quilt was simple to put together.  i used a charm pack of Pure & some brown Kona cotton.

i am backing it with fleece.  i just need to quilt it & bind it.

i came across this great blog Thirty Hand Made Days & i love it.  i got these great thank you post cards from there which i am sending out for some gifts i got.  Mique has a lot of great crafts & ideas on her site.

super cute!!!!

a new semi related to quilting project that i have started.  like the rest of you i have several old quilting magazines that i can not part with because there are projects/ideas in them that i might need someday.  so..... awhile back i got this idea from someone on Twitter & it has become a new project for me for 2012.

nope i won't be using my sewing machine for this.  i will be using my scanner.  i have started going through the old magazines & tearing out the projects/ideas that i want to keep.  i then scan them into pdf files.  heck of a good idea.  i love Twitter for stuff like that.  it takes time to do this.  that is why its a project for all of 2012.  i did one today so i have a head start.

i have another long weekend coming up so i hope to get the quilting done on the baby quilt & maybe work on a couple other things.

happy sewing.
12.29.11 update Carolyn over at ...just one more stitch is having a giveaway.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

WIP Almost Caught Up

hey there.
here is some of the stuff i did for Christmas gifts.

i made the Renegade's each a sweatshirt.  light grey hoodie with 'Renegade Quilter' embroidered in one of their favorite colors.
Sharon - black
Lynette - red
Denise - blue
me - green

this is the 1st one i did as a test on just a regular sweatshirt.  the gals loved them & the next time we are all together & wearing them i will get a pic to post.

i made several of these zipper bags as gifts.  they went together quickly & made great little gifts for friends & family members.  my niece's even got one with the Disney Princess's on them.

a couple of weeks before Christmas i was hired to make a quilt for a 7 year old girl.  this is the fabric that i picked.  i had free range for the pattern.

i randomly selected fabric & sewed together blocks slightly larger then 12 1/2" x 12 1/2"

i then trimmed them all down.  layed out the quilt & sewed it up.  i added a brown boarder to it.  its super cute.  the mom that hired me was very pleased with it & i learned today that her daughter calls it her 'special blanket'.  makes me smile.  needless to say in the rush to get it done i failed to take a pic of it.  so, the mom is working on getting one for me to post.

tomorrow i should be back on track for my regular WIP Wednesday posts.

happy sewing.

Monday, December 26, 2011

WIP... What I have been up to....

oh how time gets away from me..........
seems like forever since i have done a post.  which it has been awhile.  sorry.  i have been busy with all of the holiday stuff.  i will do my best to get you caught up on what i have been working on.
but first.  some things that have come my way.

like this box.

from Moda.  yep.  Moda did the 12 days of Christmas & i won one of the days.

i won a layer cake of Half Moon Modern.  it came all tied up with a pretty bow.  i love this line of fabric now & i will be getting more of it.

the Renegades got together & we had our Christmas party a couple of weeks ago.  funny we all made our gifts for each other this year.  i made embroidered sweatshirts for each of us.  i forgot to take a pic so i will do that & put it in another post.

Denise made us these cute 3"x5" notebook covers & also gave us a Starbucks card.

Lynette made us these etched wine glasses with a bag to put it in for when we go to quilt camp.  She also gave us a bottle of wine.

Sharon made us each one of these super cool oil cloth bags.  i love mine.  she also gave us the coolest gadget.

they were on our gift bags & i thought they were like a pin you would wear on your sweater or jacket only they are magnetic.

they are made of a ceramic material & you do wear them on your shirt.

however you put your pins on them when you are sewing.  super cool.  i love it.  maybe you have seen them before but i had not and i think its the neatest thing ever.  i used mine while i was doing my holiday sewing and i love it.  i think they are called 'cling ons'.  funny i know.

so that is part of what i have been up to.  a little holiday cheer with the gals & a little holiday cheer from Moda. 

come back for my next post which should be tomorrow to see some of the stuff that i made for gifts this year.

happy sewing.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

hi everyone.  there has been a little bit of everything going on this past week.  i have a few projects that i still can't show you because of Christmas.  but, i can share with you this.

this is just some of my Pure stash which is from Sweetwater by Moda.  i have been holding onto it waiting for a project to come along.  wait no more.  the project is here.

my cousin is expecting her 2nd child this Friday & so i am making a little baby boy quilt for her & the little guy.  i have some more work to do on it but it will be done & delivered before the end of the year.

i have also been cutting out these cute little Christmas dresses.  a year or so ago i made my niece a paper doll quilt & now she will be getting some holiday outfits to go with that quilt.

i still have a few hats to cut out but i should get that done this evening.
tomorrow night i hop the plane to Boise to spend a long weekend with my nieces & their parents.  i am looking forward to this time with them since i haven't seen them all since August.  criminal.  i know.  they are coming home for Christmas but with how crazy things get around that time i like to take the time now to just have some me time with them all. 
i hope that you are all making progress on your Christmas projects & that you have a wonderful week.