Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

i have been busy in sewing land the past week.  getting things done & checked off of my to do list.  here are 2 of my bee blocks that needed to get done for August.

both gals wanted wonky star blocks.  so thanks to them the blocks were easy.

this past weekend i knocked out the quilting & binding on this quilt.

i made the top awhile back with a quilt along over at ps i quilt.  but i never got it quilted or bound.

i decided that i needed to get it done so it could come to the Gorge with me this weekend for the Dave Matthews Band shows.

its a little wild & wacky.  sort of like me at the concerts.  so its fitting to be going along.

i also got 3 more of my Cartwheel blocks done.

now i am left with the last 3 that all have frogs in them.  i have all of the frogs traced on the fabric & some of them cut.  maybe during the days this weekend i can work on getting the rest of the frogs cuts out & ready for the blocks.

tomorrow is September 1st.  i have been waiting for September to get here since January.  September is going to be a great month for me.  kicking it off with a long weekend at the Gorge to see my favorite band & spend sometime with friends.  then another long weekend away after that.  a weekend at home then another long weekend at quilt camp.

so not much sewing will be getting done over the next couple of weeks which i am okay with.  i will take my hand work along but if i don't touch it i don't care.  my focus is going to be on other things.

i will still post each Wednesday it just might not be about sewing.

enjoy September everyone.  its about time it got here.


pcflamingo said...

LOVE concerts at the Gorge! The last one I went to was Steely Dan a long time ago. My son was over for Queens of the Stone Age/Sound Garden and some groups I had never heard of (OK, I'm old) a few weeks ago. Love your green and brown quilt - it will be just right for a concert at the Gorge.

Sarah Craig said...

I love your cartwheel blocks, and to think all this time I thought you had finished your lovely green and brown quilt! But what a great thing to finish it in time to take it to The Gorge! Wave to Dave for me!!

Colleen said...

I hope the DSquilts wonky star is for me! It rocks! I love the movement in it! It looks like it is spinning out of control! Too cool!

Bridgette said...

Ann I have to say I LOVE following your Blog. I'm sitting here with a sewing room full of UFO's and didn't have the inspiration to even walk in there until I checked in with you. Yup, hubby is off to sew I go.! Love ya girl.! Can't wait for quilt camp. :)