Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday

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i am pulling this baby back out & working on it again.  i have finally gotten caught up with a few things so its time to have some fun.  its my Cartwheels quilt that i started in Sisters.

i am looking forward to seeing the next few blocks come together.

i have also been working on my Opening Day quilt.  the sides are on & now i have to put together the 2 boarders for the top & the bottom.  i hope that by this weekend this quilt top will be finished.

16 days to go until the Gorge.  if this was a normal year i would have already seen the Dave Matthews Band a time or 2 by now.  but, nothing about this year has been normal for me.

i hope you all are getting a lot done.  happy sewing.


Sarah Craig said...

Love the fabrics in your cartwheels quilt, and the Opening Day quilt is awesome! Love those stars!!

And I love seeing your follower count keeps rising!! Lots of people with good taste!!

Megan said...

Your opening day quilt is looking great! I'm so excited to see how it turns out. Maybe I'll even be motivated enough to pull out my pattern and brave those pieced borders. Good luck on the cartwheel quilt - Sarah's right, the fabrics are perfect for it!