Monday, May 31, 2010

Past Weekend

this past weekend was a productive one for me and not only in the sewing department
with it being Memorial Day i visited around 25 graves of family members
planted my garden and go caught up on house work
then came the sew-a-thon
i made the above block which is for a block swap i am in

i made the 12th & final block in the Fat Quarter Shop Mystery Block of the month
now i get to start putting it together with the setting kit below

i made block 6 for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along

as well as block 7 for it

then came the hexi blocks for jaybirds quilt along

more hexi's

and more hexi's

even more hexi's

not done yet - more hexi's

finally, the end of the hexi's
i am ready for the finishing directions now
can't wait to see this quilt come together

then i sewed up 101 blocks for the modern siggy swap that i am doing
Neptune of course and i love how they turned out
now i get to sign them all.....

lastly i got started on the 25 mini pinwheels for the pinwheel sampler i did
this was my 2nd go at them the 1st ones came out the wrong size
live & learn right?
plans this week......
finish up these mini pinwheels & get started on a birthday gift for my niece
i hope you all have a great short week!

Friday, May 28, 2010

A Little Of This & A Lot Of That

this is the "a little of this" part of this post
not little in size of meaning but little as in a small part of this post
i WON again!!!!
i could not believe it when i got the email from Mary Hartmann Bowden telling me that i was the winner of EQ7 that was givin away on her blog

above is the note that came along with the software & below is the actual software
i was like a giddy little school girl when i found out i won EQ it has been on my wish list for sometime now
because of my crazy schedule these past few weeks i just got it loaded on the laptop yesterday & have plans to spend sometime with it over the 3 day weekend
a HUGE THANK YOU to Mary Hartmann Bowden for hosting the giveaway & to The Electric Quilt Company for doing the giveaway
now for the "a lot of that" part of this post
my weekend sewing to do list
1. start my modern siggy swap blocks only 101 to make
i am using Neptune bcuz i love it

2. make my last block from the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month then i can start putting the top together

3. sew up a block swap block
4. get caught up on the Hexigon quilt along that jaybird is doing
5. finish up some quilting on an old wip
6. make a new book bag for my niece for her birthday
7. work on my 25 mini pinwheels for my pinwheel sampler quilt along quilt
and many other misc projects to start or work on
now for the major "A LOT OF THAT"
about a month and 1/2 ago i made a large fabric purchase - large for me - i bought yardage of the whole Make Life line & i didn't even feel bad about it, but i made a deal with myself
fabric purchases would be kept to a minimum between then and my annual trip to Sisters
needless to say that did not last long
i went to Spokane this week for meetings and a doc apt and came home with this

2 charm packs, a jelly roll and some yardage - no idea what i am going to do with it but i love it

poked some buttons on my laptop and the yardage above showed up at my house this week
Piece N Quilt was having a sale - what can i say? and some of it is Make Life...

these 2 came from my Spokane trip - plans to make a bag with them

this was in the clearance hall - pj pants

this came from JoAnns - skirt
So during these past few weeks there has been a little winning going on and a LOT of projects to do and purchases made
i hope you all enjoy the long weekend and check back next week to see what i got done on my list of to dos.......
Oh & for anyone else who is a Dave Matthews Band fan
the tour started tonight in Hartford, CT

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Back to life........

back to life.... back to reality....
yep - back from vacation yesterday morning way early so.....
yesterday was pretty much a waste
the Virgin Islands was awesome & i plan to go back

St John in the Virgin Islands is amazing but this pic goes to show
that you are never to far from home
this day we sailed to Jost Van Dyke which is in the British Virgin Islands and went to this great BBQ joint which had signs/t-shirts from everywhere and this was one of them
some of my family has a vacation home in McCall, Idaho which is about 3 hrs from me
i got there a few times each year to sew with friends

after such an amazing trip its hard to get back into the swing of things......
but, off to work today when its quiet to get some stuff done
then tomorrow will be spent sewing and doing house stuff
where ever you are i hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i won....

i can't believe it.......
i won something in blogland......
it was a giveaway on jaybird's blog sponsored by
go check out both of their blogs & show them some love!
thanks gals for making my vacation an even better one!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

happy but sad

i am happy because i am here - St John US Virgin Island
this is a shot off of the deck of our room
nice huh!

i am sad beacuse after 20years in a row of touring

the Dave Mattews Band will take the year 2011 off

they will be back on tour in 2012 but a year without DMB for me.....
i think i might need therapy.............
i have seen DMB since 1997 - every year!
other then fabric, sewing & quilting - DMB is my other passion

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

EQ7 Giveaway

there is another chance to win EQ7 go check out
Prairie Primrose Stitches blog and see what you need to do to win

this past weekend

this past weekend i made 3 blocks for Cancer Is Sew Done
its a group i belong to --- you too can join
go check it out!

i also sewed up my 11th block for the Fat Quarter Shop Designer Mystery Block of the Month
the block was suppose to look like this

instead it looks like this
needless to say i just went with the flow once i realized i cut it wrong

i also put together the following kit that i got from
its a great program that provides quilts to kids who are in the hospital
they provide everything except the batting
its also something you can do - so go check it out

here is the quilt all put together and ready to be quilted
i will post a pic of the finished quilt once i get it all done
do you do any quilty stuff for a charity???
if so - who for & what do you do for them???
i will be away from my machine for awhile becuz my vaca is coming up soon
see you when i get back!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Give-Away Going On

hey everyone! go check out jaybirds site there is an awesome give-away going on there. its from Kari at Fresh Cut Quilts. thanks for the great give-away!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thursday, May 6, 2010

laptop envelope

i finished my fabric envelope for my laptop
it was sort of a punt & pray project
i knew what i wanted and i just worked my way through till i got there
i am going to use it when i travel to be able to put my laptop in my backpack & keep it from getting all scratched and nicked up

can't tell i love green can ya???
yep even the backpack that this is going in has green accents on it
i will be working this weekend and packing for my trip
T minus 6 days and counting......


i finally finished with my skits
& below are some pics of them.


not the best pics but when you are by yourself you do what you can to get the picture taken

i love anything green & i love Michael Miller - the fabric had the floral print on both edge so i enough left over to make a little bag or clutch with.

i started this 1 and the 1 below at a quilt camp in March and just finished them last night

these should be great for my St John trip
last night i started a laptop sleeve for when i am traveling
i hit a road block with it so i am trying to figure out a way around it
check back tomorrow to see if i have that finished

Monday, May 3, 2010


before i do a show & tell about my sewing production this past weekend i MUST show you all what i got in the mail last week.....
once i read about it on her site it was a must have!!!
Julie from Jaybird Quilts hit the cover of the current issue of Quilts and More with her Circle Around quilt and best of all she has kits for the quilt. i got the kit & the mag, which she signed plus a label for the back of it made by Julie -
Thanks cover-girl - you rock!!!
you can fin the link to her store on her website Jaybird Quilts

i have been productive this past weekend getting caught up on a bunch of stuff that i have been behind on. like the Jelly Roll Quilt Along - now current

like my last Pinwheel Quilt Along blocks - now current

now i need to make the mini pinwheels for the sashing - i think that's 25 mini pinwheels

i finally got started on the Hexi Quilt Along that Jaybird is doing

my pics are in the wrong order but - i am current

blocks #3

blocks #1

blocks #2

last but not least & more important then the items above is this adorable little girl - my niece
i spent a weekend with her and somehow got this shot which i love
we were playing in the back yard with her tunnel

i hope everyone has a productive week whatever it is you are doing.

i am off to finish up my skirts for my upcoming trip the the Virgin Islands.