Monday, May 3, 2010


before i do a show & tell about my sewing production this past weekend i MUST show you all what i got in the mail last week.....
once i read about it on her site it was a must have!!!
Julie from Jaybird Quilts hit the cover of the current issue of Quilts and More with her Circle Around quilt and best of all she has kits for the quilt. i got the kit & the mag, which she signed plus a label for the back of it made by Julie -
Thanks cover-girl - you rock!!!
you can fin the link to her store on her website Jaybird Quilts

i have been productive this past weekend getting caught up on a bunch of stuff that i have been behind on. like the Jelly Roll Quilt Along - now current

like my last Pinwheel Quilt Along blocks - now current

now i need to make the mini pinwheels for the sashing - i think that's 25 mini pinwheels

i finally got started on the Hexi Quilt Along that Jaybird is doing

my pics are in the wrong order but - i am current

blocks #3

blocks #1

blocks #2

last but not least & more important then the items above is this adorable little girl - my niece
i spent a weekend with her and somehow got this shot which i love
we were playing in the back yard with her tunnel

i hope everyone has a productive week whatever it is you are doing.

i am off to finish up my skirts for my upcoming trip the the Virgin Islands.

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jaybird said...

you are too sweet!! i love your hexagons... fabulous fabric choice... and the pinwheels... adorable!