Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Favorite Quilt........


my favorite quilt of all time.... since i have been making quilts.

i don't have a fancy smancy camera so i did the best that i could with what i got.  if you read my blog you know the story behind this quilt.  if not, check it out here.  its from a class i took from Tula Pink last year.

a few close up pics of my favorite parts of the quilt.  i love the squirrels.

the pinwheels intermixed with the other various sizes of fabrics makes this such a fun and happy quilt.

more squirrels.  i love fussy cutting fabric.

the back.  i found the fabric in a quilt shop not to far from me called Material Girls in their clearance section.  that is one of my things i do when i visit quilt shops.  i seek out their clearance section and see what they might have for possible backings.

Teresa from Quilting Is My Bliss quilted this quilt for me.  i met her at the Tula Pink class last year.  she did a honeycomb pattern all over the quilt and I LOVE IT!!!  the quilt was waiting on my door step one evening when i got home.  once i opened the box and saw Teresa's amazing quilting i was so happy.  like Christmas morning happy when i was 6.  

this quilt has so many happy memories for me.  i love the fabric.  it was a great trip to Walla Walla for me.  an amazing class where i met some really cool quilt people.  Teresa being one of them. 

i had the binding ready and waiting so it went on the quilt a few days later.

this quilt is headed for my bed.  i made 4 pillowcases to go with it and i just ordered a purple dust ruffle.  silly i know but I LOVE THIS QUILT.  once its all together on my bed i will share a few more pics.

Stacks - my favorite quilt of all time

it makes me so happy during a time when i really need it.  that also might have something to do with why I LOVE IT so much.  

my Grandmother passed away this past week.  she lived to be 92 and had a great life.  i have lost 3 people that i was very close to in the past 9 months. my Grandpa, my Dad and my Grandma.  i know we are never given more then we can handle but........  we could really use a break so if any of you are into sending good thoughts out to people we could really use some right now.

happy sewing

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Teresa Silva said...

Ann, I'm sending many good thoughts your way for sure! So sorry about your Grandma. Thank you for your kind comments. I absolutely love your quilt and as you know this was one of my very favorites. Love the purple background. So glad to have met you at the Tula event. I hope we can quilt together again one day!