Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bags, bags, bags.......

bags, bags, bags.....
i have been busy on various sewing projects and some of these projects have been bags.  i was a little selfish when making bags and made one for myself.

i have been wanting to make a Miranda bag out of this fabric since i got and i finally took the time to make it.

not the greatest pictures but it was dark out already by the time i got the chance to take the pictures.

i also worked on 4 custom order bags.

my customer picked out the fabric and the sizes.

they were fun to make.  3 of them were the same size and then 1 was a larger size.  these are the style of bags that i have been making and selling for a few years now.

i have custom 'annie bags' labels that i sew into each bag that i make.  when i ordered these labels the minimum quantity i could order was 250.  i never thought i would use them all.  however, in making these 4 bags i used the last of my labels.  a little mind boggling that i have made and sold 250 bags.  i guess its time to order some more.

i have other projects that i have been working on so check back soon to see what else has been in the works.

happy sewing

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