Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Memory Keeper

awhile back i was in search of a container to keep some items and memory's in.  it couldn't be just any old container because they are not just any old items and memory's.  they are things that have a special meaning to me and i wanted them treated as such when i stored them.
so off i went in search of the perfect container.  i found lots of options out there.  the majority of them being the plastic type.  clear plastic or colored.  those wouldn't work.  way too generic for me and my stuff.  so then i remembered seeing the pretty storage boxes at a local craft store.  so, i went there.  they did have the pretty storage boxes in various sizes.  the problem.  they only had two patterns.  a victorian themed one and a floral themed one.  neither of them spoke to me and told me to take them home.
what was i to do?
i pondered the idea for some time before it hit me.  if i can't find what i want at a store then why the heck can't i make it.  winner.  winner. 
that is exactly what i did.  i made my own special container to keep my special mementos in.

i found a box that would work and some fabric from my stash that i love but didn't have a plan for.  i only had 1 yard of it so i had to make it work.

then i got some Mod Podge and a brush.

i also picked up some polyurethane to protect it and give it a nice finish.

add all of those things together and i ended up with this.

my very own, one of a kind storage container.

for my special items and memories.

i added a ribbon to help with keeping the box closed.  i made it long enough so that i didn't have to re-thread it through the slots each time i got into the box.  you can see in the pic above that i had to piece some of the fabric on the inside of the box.  i am ok with that.  to me it gives it some character.

i love how it turned out.  i love that its totally me.  but most of all i love that my special things now have a place to call home.

so, when you can't find something that you are looking for stop and ask yourself 'can i make that?'  nine out of ten times there is a chance you can.

happy sewing


Sarah Craig said...

It's beautiful, Ann!! You did a great job!!

Larissa said...

What a gorgeous box!! Love the 'out-o-the-box' thinking!!!

Tsoniki Crazy Bull said...

Oh very cool! I have boxes for my oldest kids that I use for their baby memories. My oldest son's box is a shoebox size and the lid is woven ribbon, someone I met online years ago made it.