Monday, March 12, 2012

What I have been up to......

life has been crazy with a lot of different things.  from work.  to family.  to friends.  to everything.  that is life.  a little bit of everything all of the time.  i have done some sewing since the last time i have posted.  quilting to be exact.

i have knocked out 5 quilts and i have the 6th one ready to go.  if i have counted correctly i think i have 7 more to do after number 6.

i know.  how does this happen?  i get so excited about sewing together a top that is all i do.  what good is a quilt if it isn't quilted?  so, i have made a deal with myself.  no new quilt projects until i am caught up with my quilting.

noticed i said quilt projects.  doesn't mean i can't throw a pair of pj pants or a new bag or tote in there along the way.

i am in the middle of the stretch of quilting - looking forward to the downhill side of it.  then.  i must face binding these quilts.  ugh.

one thing at a time.

happy sewing.

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Sarah Craig said...

Oh, but Ann, think how wonderful it's going to be to have all those beautiful new quilts finished up!! And if you don't machine bind, you might check out Crazy Mom Quilts' tutorial - I've found it's very easy and if you're careful, looks good - and it's a WHOLE lot faster than hand binding!!