Wednesday, October 20, 2010


lots of random things in this post. sort of how my life has been lately - very random. got back from our mini quilt retreat in McCall (love that place) & i unloaded all of my bags and my project box in to the sewing cave & it sort of just stayed there. its amazing how that works - in my dreamworld everything would have been magically put away the next time i went down there. didn't happen......
since my BFF is coming into town this weekend to sew i have been working at getting the above mess cleaned up & ready for 2 people to sew in. to some this might not be a mess however i am very TYPE A so its a mess to me. also, this is only my sewing, cutting and ironing area. my fabric & projects are kept in 2 other areas. lucky girl with a whole basement to myself for sewing.
i have also been working on Christmas gifts. yes its that time of year again.... this is all i can show because you never know who might be looking here.....

since Shelly is coming into town this weekend i needed to get the guest room cleaned up a bit or should i say the bed uncovered. the bed in the guest room is where i tend to pile my quilts that i have either just finished, am not using at the moment or not sure what i am going to be doing with them. i took them off of the bed & stacked them up. crud 11 quilts... & that's just in the bedroom. there are 6 more in the living room, 3 more in my bedroom & 2 more in the spare room in the basement. i have 11 tops needing quilted. i have never really stopped to count or to think about how many quilts i have made or am in the process of making. from there i start thinking about all of the ones i have given away. a little over whelming so i think i will stop thinking about it now.

saving the best for last.
this is my latest crave that started at the 1st quilt camp. a requirement of quilt camp is that you bring a snack to share with the group. so me checking out the snack table put the above combo together & now i can't get enough of it. its super YUMMY!!!!! give it a try.
this weekend will be fun sewing & hanging out with Shelly. it seems like forever since we have spent any length of time together. i hope to finish my hexi QA top & a lot of other little things that need to get marked off my to do list.
wish me luck!

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Sarah Craig said...

Good heavens, Ann - 11 quilts and 11 more that need quilting? My poor hubby is complaining because he doesn't have one handmade quilt to sleep under - and I've made about 35 this year! Just haven't kept any.... I envy you your quilty wealth!!