Saturday, February 6, 2016

What keeps you company....

what keeps you company when you sew?

of course people have various answers to this question.  from noisy to complete silence.  some like to have a tv show going.  some like to listen to music.  some have a movie playing.  some just enjoy the quiet.  i find that for myself it depends upon my mood as to what if anything keeps me company when i sew.  also it can depend upon what i am working on.  i prefer quiet when i am reading a pattern and figuring out cutting instructions.  once i have my list of what needs to be cut i am good but getting to that point can be messy if i have a distraction.

for me a few things keep me company when i sew and so i thought i would do a blog series on the topic.

first on my list would be Podcasts.

  i can't remember when i came across my first podcast but i have been hooked ever since.  there are podcasts for everything you can imagine.  i listen to sewing/quilting podcasts, NPR podcasts, a podcast from a mixed media artist, business podcasts...  the list is ever evolving and expanding.  here are a few.

Pam hosts this podcast and she is also involved in The Stitch TV Show which is another thing i will listen to when i sew.  they also host a monthly virtual sew-in.  you should check them out.

Katie and her mom Dori host this podcast and they are so fun to listen to.  they talk about lots of hobbies from sewing to food and just about everything in between.  

Sandi hosts this podcast and i really like her style.  for each podcast Sandi has a guest from the crafting industry.  from sewers, authors, fabric designers and more i always enjoy her shows.

Stephanie hosts the Modern Sewciety podcast and every time i listen to one of her shows i find myself talking with a southern accent.  LOL  Stephanie is from/in the south and her southern charm comes through on her shows.

these are just 4 of the sewing/crafty podcasts that i listen too.  all can be found in iTunes or through their websites.  there are several other sewing/quilting podcasts that i listen to as well.  search iTunes or Google sewing/quilting podcasts and you will see options galore.

i also enjoy the NPR podcasts Serial, This American Life and Fresh Air.  mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts has a great podcast called The Possibilitarian Podcast.  i love Kelly's work and thought process.  its fun to hear her talk of her process, life and other things.  Tara Swiger is someone i recently came across through Periscope and her podcast Explore Your Enthusiasm is full of information for makers in business.  Tara gives great tips and ideas and also challenges her listeners. While She Naps is another great podcast that touches on business things as well as sewing things.

i highly recommend giving a listen to a podcast or 2 or 5 or 10. 

happy sewing


Sarah Craig said...

That's a great idea, Ann, and something I haven't tried! I mainly listed to boons on - it's a great way to get through books while also accomplishing something. And my bluetooth headset allows me to listen while I quilt, too.

Sarah Craig said...

Oops books, not boons!

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