Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Latest Happenings

my life has been creeping back to normal ever so slowly....  or at least my new normal.  i have also been sewing.  which is like therapy for me.  so i am happy, happy, happy.

out in the blogland, instagram, twitter, and other such communities on the internet i came across Elizabeth from Oh, Fransson! pattern for her Aviatrix Medallion quilt and she is having a quilt along for it.  i got the pattern from her site which i highly recommend this pattern.  its a stunner.  Elizabeth originally made it using solids - Kona from Robert Kaufman to be exact.

i have never done a quilt out of solids.  i really liked the colors that Elizabeth used in her original quilt but i didn't love them.  then Elizabeth announced that she got to put together some Kona bundles and i fell in love with her Winter one.  the bundles are not out yet but if you go to the Robert Kaufman site it lists the various Kona colors that make up each bundle.  so, i did some shopping and i had the Winter colors and jumped right in.

i love it.  flipping head over heels in love with it.  of course i did not use white as the accent color i took Elizabeth's recommendation and did not use black but i did use Kona Pepper.

i spent a day cutting the fabric for this quilt and grouping it into border sections as suggested by Elizabeth.  you might think 'a whole day' - keep in mind i woke up late, ate some meals, did some laundry, might have watched some tv.  so for focused people it might be a few hours of cutting. 

i used the same Essex yarn-dyed linen as per Elizabeth's suggestion for the background fabric which i have never used before.  i love it as well - it is great to sew with.

this is the center of the quilt.  all on the bias.  lets just say that starch was my friend when i put this together and i am pleased as punch with how it turned out.  

the next border was made using some grey neutral Kona.  again starch was my friend.

trimmings from the first border.  always makes me smile because it means progress.

each border is separated with a strip of the background fabric.

the second border finished and yes i pinned it up to a Santa Clause area rug we have hanging on a wall in our house.  by the way the Christmas tree is still up too.

i learned a great way for marking multiple squares when i worked on border #3 and lots of trimmings to show the progress.

the various units for border #3 ready to go.

3 borders on and 3 more to go.  i am in love with this quilt.  i love the pattern.  i love the fabric selection - thanks to Elizabeth.  i love that i got outside of my comfort zone and tried something with solids.

sewing on border #4 which ends up being 1' finished squares of the grey Kona's then another strip of the background fabric will go on.

time to start on the blocks for border #5.

if you have read this far thanks for taking the time to do so.  i am going to try and be better at blogging more.  i hang out on instagram fairly often so you can always find me there as well.

happy sewing

Friday, June 6, 2014


its time for Hands2Help! hosted by Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  i must confess.  the quilts i am donating this year have come from my stash of quilts.  they haven't seen the light of day for sometime.  somewhere in the process of making them i fell out of love with them.  i like them just fine but don't love them like they deserve to be loved.  so they go to the quilt stash which i pull from as the need arises.  as such is the case with Hands2Help!

i love using my passion for quilting to make others happy.  i think i have participated in Hands2Help! since Sarah first started it.  i might be wrong but....  

anyways, when i saw Sarah's post about it this year i knew that i was going to participate but that the quilts would come from my stash.

this first quilt was a mystery quilt i started 10 years ago.  it has been finished for about 3 or 4 years.  at the time i started it i had never done a mystery quilt and i also did not know i do not like white as a background fabric.  i do now.  i hope that whoever gets this quilt will give it the proper love it deserves.  this quilt will be going to someone who was impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

this next quilt has about 8 million pieces in it.  not really.  but when i started it i was sure i would never finish it.  i think that is when i stopped loving it.  yep, right from the start i knew it wasn't meant to be mine.  i finished it anyways.  i am like that.  i rarely get rid of a WIP.  self torture?  maybe.  i just like to finish things.  this quilt will find a new home through Happy Chemo.

true confession on this quilt.  it was a BOM from JoAnn's that was on clearance for almost nothing.  i like to call these BOM quilts 'quilting for dummies' - not insulting anyone at all with that comment - the fabric comes pre-cut and the instructions are fail proof.  

yes there is applique involved and even a little embroidery so its not really 'quilting for dummies' but that is just my name for those things.  i made this quilt thinking i would give it to my oldest niece.  that didn't happen so it went into the quilt stash.  this quilt will meet up with its new owner through Quilts of Compassion Disaster Response Team.

there you have it.  my contribution to this years Hands2Help!
i love the thought that these quilts will bring comfort and warmth to another person during a trying time in their life.

happy sewing